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pictureTrade, Business & Industry
Regulation of Trade
Trade Promotion
Registrations - Industrial
Registrations - Establishments
Approvals, Permits & Licenses
Nuclear Analytical service
Grant approval for Imports on Duty Free Basis
Grant approval to set up Investment Projects
Obtain Pattern Approval for weights, Measures, Measuring instruments
License to Import Free Trade Samples - Unit 1
Grant approval to sell redundant items in the Local Market
Obtain License for Exports of Miscellaneous Items - Unit 4/5
Issue Sri Lanka Certificate of Origin (COO)
Block License - Unit 1
Amended Licenses for Importation of Drugs - Unit 1
Pawnbrokers License
Liquor Permit
Grant approval for Exports of products
Debit Goods Imported - Unit 1
Import License for the Explosives
Obtain Approval to Establish a Fish Production Processing Establishments in Sri Lanka
Grant approval to sell finished products in the Local Market
Importation of Chemicals (Chemicals, Animal Products and Herbal Products Import License) - Unit 3
Part Shipment Licenses - Unit 1
licenses for foreign fishing vessels to unload the fish
Grant approval to Transfer Raw Materials or Accessories
Grant approval for Indirect Exports
Application for Permission to Use the Title of Ayurveda
Amended Licenses Import of Chemicals Unit 3/4
Obtaining Debiting License for Imported Chemicals Unit 3/4
Digging the Roads for Laying Water Pipes
Hiring of Play Grounds and Halls Belonging to the Pradeshiya Sabha
license for fishing in Sri Lankan territory waters
Obtaining of Quality Certificates for the Export Fisheries Products
Railway Premises for Business Purposes
Fresh water operating Licenses
Approval for the transfer of raw material or accessories between BOI approved projects.

Assistance, Training & Development
Loans, Funds & Incentive Schemes
Extensions & Other Services
Transport Services

ICTA Awards