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Research Cell

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The Research Cell will continue work towards achievement of following three objectives.

Objective 01

To foster conducting and promotion of research related to TVET  issues.

It is observed that many researches are done in education and higher education sector. However, a very few or minimum number of researches are done in TVET sector. Therefore, it is vital to foster conducting and promotion of research related to TVET through inculcation or research culture in the TVET sector of Sri Lanka. Due to the low prominence given to research, the officers of training institutions undertake no research or engage in TVET research at low level. The research will conduct in a way that proposes recommendations for strengthening policy and planning of TVET. Therefore, it is timely to engage in TVET research activities at institute level and national level.

Objective 02

To be the key partner of facilitation for TVET research.

The Research Cell will facilitate undertaking research through dissemination of TVET information among interested parties, especially among TVET researchers. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce mechanisms to disseminate research information in the TVET sector.

Objective 03

To create beneficial linkages with local and international research Institutes.

One important strategy for increasing the quality of TVET research is to foster linkages with local and international research organizations like Centre for Policy Research, National Science Foundation are local such organizations and the NCVER at Australia, PCTRT of the RMIT University are such international organizations with which building linkages would be useful. Therefore, in this 5-year Strategic Plan, action will be taken to make links with these organizations which are beneficial for development of TVET research in Sri Lanka. 

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Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission

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