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A data base on ‘Lesser Known Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka’ was compiled with the assistance of the Local Authorities by the ICT Division of the SLTDA with a view to adding to and diversifying the existing tourist products in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has taken an initiative to promote lesser known attractions in all provinces in the country. These attractions will be communicated to potential travellers and investors through various media i. e. websites, printed materials, TV programmes etc.,

At this point we have get the GPS locations , photographs and collect additional information of specific lesser known places in Kegalle and Rathnapura.

According to this project, we are planning to setup a separate web page for each and every district.

Please send us information about lesser known attractions (Second level tourist attractions) in your area. Please download the application form in pdf and word format from the right side menu to send us your information.

Mr. Udana Wickremasinghe
Director research & Strategic planning
Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority
No. 80 , Galle Road
Colombo 03
Tel: 0112 436321
Mob 0773 469988
Email :
Web :

For more information please contact,
Mr. Chandana Munasinghe
Tel : 011 2426982 ext 225
E-mail :
Mob : 0770 500856

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Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka

No 80,
Galle Road,
Colombo 03

Telephones:+94 112426800 / +94 112426900 / 2437055/59/60
Fax Nos:+94 112 444165 / 2426984

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