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Providing vocational training for the youths

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Full Time Courses

Part Time Course


Process of Submitting Applications
Courses are commenced   in  2nd week of January and July every year and application should be sent to the National  vocational training centers or the District Offices before 15th December and 15th June.
Places from Where Applications can be Obtained
National  vocational training centers, District officers, Rural centers, from newspapers and the gazette.
Free Payable for Obtaining Application Form
Issued free. Candidate also can prepare the application form by himself
Time for Submission
 For one year courses    : 01st Dec – 15th Dec. every year.
 For 6 months courses    : 01st June – 15th June and 01st Dec to 15th Dec.
Fees Payable for Obtaining Service
Supporting Documents Required
1.    Educational certificates
2.    Certificate of Grama Niladhari
3.    Birth certificate
Staff Officers in charge of the Services
•    Director (Training)
Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka
"Nipunatha Piyasa",
Colombo 05.
•    Deputy Director (Training)
•    Assistant Director (Training)
•    All Assistant Director ,
National Vocational Training centers and District offices

Organization Information

Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka

"Nipunatha Piyasa",
Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.

Fax Nos:011-2581914

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