Finding a service by citizen-centric categorization

The services offered by the government organizations listed in the GIC website are organized in categories and sub-categories. In the home page of the GIC website you can see all the main categories with two sub-categories under each main category. (Fig. 6.1) The two sub-categories under each category are ordered based on the frequency of access of the sub-categories by citizens. 

Fig. 6.1: Main category with 2 sub-categories in GIC home page.

When you click on the name of the main category the sub-categories under that main categories will be displayed as shown in Fig. 6.2. Alternatively you can directly view the services under any of the 2 sub-categories shown by clicking on the sub-category name. (Fig. 6.4)

Fig. 6.2: All sub-categories under the main category.

While you are viewing the sub-categories of a certain main category all the remaining main categories will be displayed below similar to the home page for quick access.

When you move your mouse over any of the sub-categories the services under that sub-categories will appear below it as shown in Fig. 6.3.

Fig. 6.3: Services under sub-category as displayed in main category view.

Fig. 6.4: Services displayed in sub-category view.

While you are viewing the services under a sub-category the other sub-categories related to that sub-category are displayed for ease of access. Similar to Fig. 6.3 the services under the other sub-categories can be viewed by moving your mouse over them. (Fig. 6.5)

Fig. 6.5: Access other sub-categories in sub-category view.