Finding a service by organization

If you are aware of the organization that is offering the service you can find the required service using the arrangement of services by their respective organizations. To find the service in the organizational arrangement click on ‘ORGANIZATIONS’ in the main menu. (Fig. 7.1

Fig. 7.1: ‘ORGANIZATIONS’ menu item in main menu.

When you click on ‘ORGANIZATIONS’, all the government organization types will be displayed as shown in Fig. 7.2.

Fig. 7.2: Government Organization Types

By clicking on any of the organization types you can view the list of organizations coming under that organization type. (Fig. 7.3)

Fig. 7.3: Organizations under Authorities

To view the services offered by an organization click on the organization name. (Fig. 7.4)

Fig. 7.4: Services offered by Mahaweli Authority

The services offered by the organization are listed in the right hand side of the page while the general details are shown on the left hand side of the page.