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Accredited Secondary Standards Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory service

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Dosimetry Calibration Service

1.Eligibility :

          Dosimetry Calibration Services are essential for the implementation of Radiation Protection Programme in the country to ensure the radiation safety of workers, public and environment.New operation quantities recommended by the ICRP are used for calibration of dose rate meters, electronic personal dosimeters & contamination monityors. A Phantom (PMMA) of 30x30x15 cm3 is used to represent human torso with regard to back scattering of the incident radiation in calibration of individual monitoring. Area monitoring instruments/dosimeters are calibrated in free air. Calibration factors at reference conditions (Ambient temperature 20 0C, Atmospheric pressure 101.325kPa) are given when applicable. 

2.Method of submitting application:- 

2.1  Places where application form could be obtained:-  

  SLAEB Official web site or SLAEB office

2.2  Payment for application:- 


2.3  Time to submit application:-

             From 9.00am to 3.00p.m. on working days  

2.4 Fees paying to obtain this service:- 

   Refer Service Charges on official web site

 2.5 Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

  One week 

2.6 Necessary Supporting documents

Refer official web site

2.7 Staff Officers incharge of the Service 

Director : Mr.Prasad Mahakumara 071-8071371    

Scientific Officer :Mr.Lalantha Jayasinghe 077-7927271



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දුරකථන:+94 112 533 427 / 8, +94 112 533 449
ෆැක්ස් අංක:+94 12 533 448
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