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Banking, Tax & Insurance
Bank Accounts
Births Registration of Sri Lankan Children Born Outside Sri Lanka
Book Stalls
Bulk Postal Facilities Under the Bulk Post Numbers
Broadcasting of Obituary Notice Over the Radio
Books or Magazines Imported is Bulk From Other Countries
Business Postal Facilities
Breakdown Reporting
BOC I-net Facility
Bank Guarantees of Bank of Ceylon
Buying dairy and animal products
Build the Cordination with Secondry Education Sector in Giving Priority for Inovations.
Buy Publications
Bank Of Ceylon 24 hrs Call centre
Bank Guarantee Facility
Bringing in or Bringing Out the Local Currency
Bringing in Foreign Currencies
Bringing out Foreign Currencies
Bank Holiday
Bill Payment Service
Building Services
Building Limit of the roads
Bachelor of Education in Technology
Business Library Service
Bachelor of Education in Technology (English Language Teaching)
B.Sc. Degree in Plantation Management (External) – BSc. 01
Bachelor of Technology in ICT (Multimedia & Web Technology)
Bachelor of Technology in ICT (Network Technology)
Bachelor of Technology in ICT (Software Technology)
Basic Computer Applications for Plantation Sector - BC 05
Basic Course in Oil Palm Cultivation - BC 06
Bringing In Foreign Currencies To Sri Lanka
Bringing in or Taking Out Local Currencies
Benefit Schemes Available to ETF Members
business counseling unit
business counseling unit
Branch Network
Business Support Unit
Birth Registration
ICTA Awards

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