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Housing, Property & Utilities
Health, Well Being & Social Service
Higher Education & University Education
Housing & Property
Health Assistance
Householders Registrations (Police)
Handling Consumer Complains in order to grant redress to aggrived consumers
Handling of Civil Pension Schemes by Divisional Secretariat
Handling of Widows/Widowers and Orphans Pension Scheme by Divisional Secretariat
Handling of complaints of wrongfully obtained Samurdhi relief by Divisional Secretariat
How to Implement Environmental Protection Licensing Procedure
How to Implement Environmental Recommendation Procedure
How to Resolve Public Complaints Related to Environmental Pollution
Hiring of Reception Halls
Handing Over of Letters and Other Postal Articles to be Sent Through Express Post to the Countries Mentioned in the List of Charges Annexed
Handling the Weather and Climate Scientific Studies and Projects
How to get a copy of a Survey Plan
Hasara Centre
Housing Loans from People's Bank
Holding Exhibitions
How to Purchasing of Printed Maps
How to Obtaining of geodetic coordinates and conversions of coordinates
How to Investigations of public complaints on surveys
How to Issue of Licensed Draughtsman Certificate
Human Resources & Institutional Development - Functions and Services
How to send an application for a university admissions - Submission of an application after Advanced Level Examination
How to take an Import License for the Explosives
How to Reach Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
How to get information about Mahaweli?
How to get permission to remove timber, sand & minerals?
How to obtain permission to do study on Mahaweli?
How to apply for tenders?
How to solve problems on taxes?
How to get land for industries or business?
How to get land for industries or business?
How to get a land for Agricultural Purposes ?
How to obtain Mahaweli skilled labour ?
How to obtain Mahaweli skilled labour to Entrepreneurs?
How to sign forward agreement to purchasing farm products?
How to purchase Mahaweli Production ?
How to obtain Bamboo Plants? (Tissue cultures jumbo plants)
How to obtain the services of Mahaweli Center?
How to inform about Environmental hazards and Illegal activities in Mahaweli Areas?
How to reserve a Circuit Bungalow?
HORDI-Horticultural crops: Supply of Horticultural Seed & Planting Material
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Training Programmes
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Advisory Services to solve farmers problem
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Analytical services with special charges: Soil & Organic manure analysis
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Analytical services with special charges: ELISA testing for plant virus detection
Hiring of Play Grounds and Halls Belonging to the Pradeshiya Sabha
How to get permission to visit Mahaweli Dams?
How a Foreign Worker can Send a Vehicle to a Blood Relative
Human Resources Capacity Building
Housing Loan Schemes
How to obtain a Free License
How to obtain a Revenue License
How to obtain a Notice of non-use
How to obtain a Conductor License
How to obtain a Dealer’s License (Trade License)
Heart (cardiology) care for children by Consultant Paediatric Cardiologists
Hospital Development
Housing Loans
HDFC Lifestyle Loan
HDFC Gold Loan
Human Settlements Planning and Training
Handling Consumer Complaints
High Rise Structure Approval
Hiring of Machinery
Holiday Bungalow
Handicraft Design Training
Housing Grant for Kidney Patient
How to obtaining a Licence for a new recruitment agency
High Seas Fishing Management
Housing Loan Application Form
How to reserve a Circuit Bungalow?
Hitachi Form
Heart Surgery Assistance Application
hiring of machinery
ICTA Awards

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