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Registrations - Industrial
Registrations - Establishments
Regulation of Trade
Register for School Examinations (GCE Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L)) as Private Candidates
Registration of a Birth Occurred at Home
Registration of a Birth Occurred in a Rural Hospital
Registration of a Birth Occurred in a General Hospital
Registration of a Birth Occurred at a Foreign Country
Registration of a Death Occurred at Home
Registration of a Death Occurred in a Private Hospital
Registration of a Death occurred in a Rural Hospital
Registration of a Death Occurred in a General Hospital
Re-scrutiny of Exam Results of GCE (O/L) and GCE (A/L)
Registration of Marriages (General)
Registration of Kandyan Marriages
Registration of a Past Birth
Renewing License of the Foreign Employment Agencies
Renewing of Driving License
Registering a New Motor Vehicle
Registration of Transfer of Motor Vehicle
Reservation of Seats in Intercity and other Express Trains
Reservation of a Special Train
Reservation of Compartment of a Train
Registration of a Fishing Vessel on the Untimely Death of the Registered Owner
Registration of a Transferred vessel
Reservation of a Railway Holiday Resorts (Bungalows at Nuwara-Eliya and Kataragama)
Reservation of Retiring Rooms at Railway Stations
Registration of beach-seine (ma-del) owners and beach-seine ports (ma-del padu)
Requesting a Clearance Certificate by a Sri Lankan, Who is Living Abroad to Seek Employment in the Country He/She is Residing.
Requesting a Clearance Certificate a Sri Lankan Who is Living in Sri Lanka to Seek Employment Abroad.
Requesting for Renewal of Gun Permit on a yearly basis
Registration of Off-Shore Companies
Rural Development Programme-Infrastructure facilities Development,Special Development Programme,Special Gammana Development Programme and Gampubudu Revolving Fund
Register Foreign Companies
Register Auditors ( Individual )
Register Auditors (Firm)
Register Company Secretaries ( Individual )
Registration of Company Secretaries ( Firm )
Register Societies (Societies Ordinance No 16 of 1891)
Registration of Death Through Divisional Secretariat
Renewal of Vehicle License Through Divisional Secretariat
Releasing of Lands to Government Departments and obtain of Vesting Orders for the Three Armed Forces, Local Government Institutions
Reservation accommodation of John de Silva Memorial Theatre Hall
Rupavahini State Awards Ceremony
Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts
Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons
Removal of unauthorized constructions
Registration as a Newspaper in the Department of Posts
Receipt of Letters, Small Packets and Express Letters Sent by Air Mail and Sea Mail for Delivery in Sri Lanka
Repurchase Agreement of Bank of Ceylon
Reverse Repurchase Agreement by Bank of Ceylon
Registration of suppliers
Re-making of Complaints for Which no Solutions have been Received from the District Offices to which they have been Made
Referring Complaints/ Petitions on Children and Women Under the Labour Laws
Registration of Trade Unions and Trade Union Federations
Registration of Factories
Registration and Re-registration of Employees
Request for Adoption of Children
Register of Day Care Centers
Revolving fund loan scheme of Tea Development Project
Registration of Tea Smallholder Development Societies
Renew a Repair License Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments
Registration of Manufacturers of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments.
Receive a Career plan Program
Registration of Sellers of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments
Renewal of Repairers Licenses, Manufacturers Licenses and Sellers Licenses
Receive Career Guidance programs for school children
Register all TVET institutions
Registration Renewal of Institutes
Registration of Repair Persons / Agency of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments
Registration of a franchised Sales Outlet:
Recruitments in the UGC
Registration, Reporting, Conservation and Public Displaying of Historic Sculptural Remains Available in Sri Lanka and Designing Suitable Programmes for Implementing this Procedure.
Request for Exhibitions
Request for Holding a Mobile Archaeological Book Stall
Registration of Domesticated Elephants/Tusks
Rock Laboratory
Registration of Timber Based Enterprises.(Saw mills/ Timber sales centers/ carpentry sheds/ Furniture shops / Fuel wood sales centers)
Registration of Natural Rubber and Rubber Product Exporters, Importers and Rubber related product manufactures.
Recognition of Prior Learning
Registration of a Tea Factory
Registration of Tea Smallholder Development Societies
RRDI-Rice: Providing seed paddy samples of high yielding rice varieties acceptable grain quality characters, pest and diseases resistance & resistant to abiotic stresses
Registration of Praja Mandala (Community Boards)
Repairing Street Lights
Removal of Harmful Trees
Removal of Unauthorized Constructions
Reservation of Playground
Reservation of the Theatre
RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies on Plant Protection, Agronomy, Soil Fertility, Water Management to enhance the profitability and productivity of rice production
RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies and newly improved rice varieties
RRDI-Rice: Distribution of seed paddy of newly bread rice varieties
RRDI-Rice: Providing Limited field visits and diagnosis of problems (pest, disease, weed, fertility, environmental, varietals etc.) of rice cultivation
RRDI-Rice: Soil testing for identified problems and recommendation of fertilizer for specific locations
Registration of Land Owners in the “Land Bank” Who could Offer Lands to Prospective Investors
Render assistance to interact between BOI/Non-BOI companies and applicants through the BOI online Job Bank, with view to facilitating suitable jobs for job seekers and potential candidates for BOI/Non-BOI companies.
Registration of Suppliers for Supply of Goods and Services Required by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
Registration of Tea Exporters, Tea Warehouse, Tea Packers and Tea Importers
Registration of sub Contractors for BOI Approved Projects
Request Awareness Programmes
Report Human Rights violations
Recovery of Assessment tax
Recovery of Entertainment tax
Registration of Changes of the Ownership of the Lands and Buildings
Recovery of Taxes for Vehicles and Animals
Removal of Dangerous Trees
Research Cell
Requirements for shifting a license from the present premises to another premises.
Requirements to be fulfilled when transferring a license to another person
Reservation of Auditorium
Registration of a Birth Occurred in a Private Hospital
Rehabilitation and Re-socialization of Children directed by the Courts-of -Law On Court Orders
Rehabilitation of street children and the institutionlize children
Reservation Accommodation of National Art Gallery
Recommendation of beneficiaries qualifies for assistance from the National children’s fund, after identifying them
Report on career outcomes of University graduates
Re-validation of Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)
Registration of Seafarers
Registration of a Past Death
Registration of Marriages by a Christian Minister
Registration of Documents
Registration of a Power of Attorney
Re-engineering Government
Reservation of Air Conditioned Train (“HITACHI” Train)
Ridee Rekha
Registration of a Birth Occurred in a Registered Estate
Registration of a Death Occurred in a Registered Estate
Registration of a Death Occurred in a Foreign Country
Rheumatological care for children by Consultant Rheumatologists
Rukmani Devi Memorial Centre - Negambo
Roads and Highways
Registration of Marriages (Muslim)
Registration of Muslim Divorces
Rectification of Errors in the Certificate of Birth
Refund of installment
Registration of ownership of rubber lands and changes
Rectification of Registered Documents
Research and Development and Technical Services
Repatriation of Sri Lankans Stranded Overseas
Repatriation of Human Remains of Sri Lankans Passed Away Abroad
Repatriation of Stranded Fishermen
Registration of Birth, Marriage and Death which occur outside Sri Lanka
Requirements for printing work
Requirements of exercise books and other stationery items
Requirement of Security Printing Works
Removing unauthorized construction in Condominium Property
Renewal of Air Traffic Controller Licence
Renewal of Air Traffic Controller Ratings
Radiation Protection Regulatory Activities
Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness
Registration of Aircraft
Renewal of Registration
Renewal of SPL
Registration of Exporters
Registration of Handicraftsmen and issuing of Identity Cards
Reactivation of Atchchuveli Industrial Estate
Renewal of Lapsed Licence –PPL/CPL/CPL-IR/ATPL
Regional Development
Regional Development
Registration open - Gymnasium at Kimbulawala
Registration of Importers/Exporters (TIN/VAT Registration)
Reservation of Circuit Bungalows
Registration of Motor cycles with cylinder capacity less than 50 ( Moped)
Registration of Companies Incorporation
Registration of Foreign Company
Register a migrant worker
Registration of Public Contract
Renewing Licenses of the Foreign Recruitment Agencies
Related Services
Regulatory Authority of the Insurance Industry
Register as insurers persons carrying on insurance business in Sri Lanka.
Register persons as insurance brokers
Register persons as loss adjusters
Radioactive Isotope (3H) in water]
Radioactivity contamination test for food items using Gamma spectrometry (imported milk powder and milk products, tea, desiccated coconut, spices, coconut oil, etc.)
Revised Passport Fees
Revision of fees with effect from 01.07.2019 under the Budget proposals No. 205
Registration of Timber Based Enterprises 2.1.7
Registration of Institution / Individuals who Export / Import / Domestically Consume Natural Rubber for Levyng a CESS - RCESS01
Reqest Form - Geology Maps
Residence Visa
Resident Guest Scheme
Registration of Contractors 2011 news paper advertisment
Registration of Contractors 2011 Aplication form and details
Register with the CGF - (COIN)
Recommendation given by the University of Moratuwa
Rubber Land Registration
Rubber Re-plant/new plant Subsidy Application for Smallholder Sector
Rubber Re plant subsidy scheme coperate sector
Rubber Factory Modernization Scheme
Rain Guard Subsidy Application Sin.
Rain Guard Subsidy Application Eng.
ICTA Awards

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