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School Education
Social Service
Subsidies & Assistance for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries
Seminars, Workshops & Training Programmes
Services of Airport and Sahana Piyasa welfare centre
Special Provisions for Srilankan citizenship to persons of Indian origin and Chinese origin
Stabilisation of Prices of Essential Commodities
Social Development Programme
Special Projects Programme - Making the Samurdhi Authority a self-financing Institution to a certain level based on its income generations creating the required environment
Special Projects on Animal Husbandry and Fishery related to Main Societies
Samurdhi Lottery Draw
Special Fund
Sit for Exams and Obtaining of Certificates
State Drama Contest & Festival
State-Short Drama Contest & Festival
State Children's Drama Contest & Festival
State Dance Contest & Festival
State Ballet Contest & Festival
State Children's Art Contest & Festival
State Arts and Sculpture Contest & Festival
State Literary Contest & Awards Ceremony
State Music Ensemble
Songs Appreciation Programme
Sri Lanka Railways
Sri Lanka Transport Board
Services of Development Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Distributional Unit of the Educational Publications Department
Services of Production Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Publishing Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Planning Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Information Technology Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Internal audit Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Research Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Establishment Unit of Educational Publications Department
Services of Financial Unit of Educational Publications Department
Sales Outlets of Books
Sale of Houses
Survey Activities of National Housing Development Authority
Sign Language Service
SCPPC - Obtain of Import Licenses for Plants,Planting Material and Plant Production
SCPPC -Obtaining Certificates of Plant Hygiene
SCPPC - Registration of Nurseries for Exporting Plants(To South Korean Government only)
SCPPC - Obtaining Technical Services on Plant Protection Activities (Fumigation Service and Counseling Service)
SCPPC-Pesticides: Registration of Pesticides
SCPPC - Registration of Nurseries for Production of Fruit Plants
Soil Surveys
Sending Telegrams to Foreign Countries
Short Term Training Programmes Relevant to Meteorological Field and Resources Contribution for it.
Safe Deposit Lockers of Bank of Ceylon
Small and Medium Enterprises(SME)Loan Scheme of Bank of Ceylon
Supplying of High Breed Animals to Farmers (buffalo, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, etc.)
Selling Dairy and Animal Products
Sales Counters of Department of Census and Statistics
Services of Botany Division - National Museum Department
Subsidy for Craftsmen’s Tools for Craftsmen Who have Suffer From Disaster
service for Tree care and Maintenance
Savings Accounts of People's Bank
Social Care Program:
Sipdhora Scholarship Program
Seminar Fundamental Rights
Seminar on Effect of Drugs and Narcotics on Labour Efficiency
Seminar on The Role of a Trade Union in the 21st Century
Seminar on Introduction to Employee Social Security System in Sri Lanka
Seminar on Legal Provision in the Shop and Office Act
Services Provided by the Secretary’s Office
Services Provided by the Human Resources Department
Seminar on Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) for Results Based Planning
Seminar on Positive Thinking and Self Motivation
Services Provided by the Finance Department
Services provided by Legal & Documentation Division
Services provided by Internal Audit Division
Student Grievances
Services provided by Higher Education (Information Technology) Division
Services provided by Quality Assurance Division
Seminar on Motivation and Worker Satisfaction
Seminar on HIV/ AIDS Prevention at Workplace
Seminar on Main Role of a Human Resource Manager
Seminar on Globalization, Regional Corporation, & Emerging Challenges
Seminar on Gender Sensitive HR Management
Seminar on Development of Receptionist/Telephone Operates
Seminar on Productivity Based Wage System
Seminar on Gain Sharing: A Productivity Tool
Seminar on Concept to Balanced Scorecard
Seminar on Reproductive Health for Labour Efficiency
Seminar on Japanese Experience in Productivity Enhancement
Seminar on Quality Control Circles (QCC)
Sipdhora Scholarship Program
Special Industrial Traning
Special Industrial Traning
Survey Geological Maps
Survey of Mineral Deposits
Submission of Petitions
Services of Ethnology Division – Department of National Museums
Services provided by Chairman’s Office
Secretariat - Functions and Services
Services provided by Vice Chairman’s Office
SCPPC: Issuance of import permits to import plant, planting material and plant products
SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Supplying of seed samples of traditional crop varieties
SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Public awareness programme on plant genetic resources
SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Providing information on plant genetic resources
SCPPC-Plant Quarantine: Issuing phytosanitary certificate on agricultural commodities at the Airport
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Advisory service and treatments for household pest control such as Termite and Rats (house or field rats)
SCPPC-Plant Quarantine: Issuing phytosanitary certificate on agricultural commodities at the Seaport Colombo
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Conducting Training Programmes on Plant Protection activities
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Introduction of the Bio control agents to control Salvinia and water hyacinth
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Fumigation of seed/food stores to protect from pest infestation
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Introduction of integrated pest management (IPM) programme to leafy vegetables
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Selection of superior fruit mother plants for multiplication
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed production crops and certification of produced seeds of Rice, Field Crops and Vegetables
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of fruit plant nurseries and certification of planting materials of fruits
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Seed testing for locally produced or important seeds
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting post control verification trials for imported seeds and locally produced seeds against complaints
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Training and awareness programme on quality seed and planting material 
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed and planting material handlers under the Seed Act no 22, 2003
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting inquiries on complaints against seed or planting materials under the Seed Act
SCPPC-Pesticides: Certification for Pesticides dealers 
SCPPC-Pesticides: Certification for seller
SCPPC-Pesticides: Field compliant on pesticides
SCPPC-Pesticides: Awareness/ Training on Safe & effective use/handling of Pesticides
SCPPC-Pesticides: Pesticide Analysis
Supply of Various Information on the Area of Authority
Sale of Plants & Plant Production
Sale of Publications
Selling Price of Other Livestock
Selling Price of Livestock
Scientific examination of questioned/suspected signatures and hand writing etc. Examination of any kind of travel documents such as Passport, VISA, ets for their authenticity. Issue reports of such examinations and Expert testimony.
School Projects
Solving Field Problems related to Export Agriculture Crops
Systems Certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP etc)
Safe Deposit Lockers of People's Bank
Savings Accounts for Women
Saving Account for Youth
Standards Formulation
Sending Gift Parcels Through Mail
Sending a Gift to a Local Friend or a Relative
Shilpiya Nipunatha & Job Title Record
Selecting Timber for your need
Supplying sleepers and transmission poles
State Timber Corporation Circuit Bungalow Booking
Savings Accounts
Safety Deposit Locker Facility
Safety Deposit Locker Facility
Safety Deposit Locker Facility
Search Train Schedule (Website and Mobile Access)
State Timber Corporation "PRASADA ABIMANIE" Furniture package for the government employees on easy payment terms
SLSI Library Membership
Sri Lanka Labour Gazette
State Timber Corporation - Registration of Contractors 2011
Sri Lanka Institute of Printing (SLIP)
Skills Development Fund Ltd. (SDFL)
Sri Lanka Youth Services (Pvt) Limited. (SYSL)
State Timber Corporation - Tender for Import of Sawn Timber
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2011
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2011 (No. 01)
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2011 (No. 02)
State Timber Corporation Tender Notices
Sales Agent Registration Application
Skin (dermatology) care for children by Consultant Dermatologists
Sales of Sea Sand
Structural Designs
Savings Accounts
Sound Studio
Senior Citizen's Savings Account
Small Enterprise Development Loans
Small & Medium Scale Loans
Savings Deposits
Sirisara Housing Loan
Situ Sevana - Lifestyle Loan
Skill Training
Self Employed Members
Statutory Benefits
Stolen or Lost Passport – Overseas
Sri Lanka Directory of Exporters
Special Programmes
Solving field problems related to fruit crops - Fruit Crop Research Institute
SCPPC - Seed health testing for locally produced or imported seeds
SCPPC - Seed research on problems faced by the division during quality control and by seed handlers
Skill Development of Tea Field Officers – SDP 02
Safe Anchorages and other shore facilities
SEPC - Publication on "Cost of Cultivation"
SEPC- Conduct socio economics research
SEPC - Policy analysis
SEPC - Crop forecasting
SEPC - Publication on "Crop Enterprise Budgets"
SEPC - Publication on AgStat"
SEPC - Project coordination and planning
SEPC - Database management
SEPC - Training programmes/Lectures/Presentations
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2013
Sciences and Technology Information Services
Short term training course on potential agro-enterprises
Self Inquiry Credit Report (iReport)
Sending a Gift to a Friend or a Relative in Sri Lanka
Sending Gift Parcels to a Foreign Country Through Mail
Supporting in Obtaining the Land Titles for the Plantation Community
Social Development of the Plantation Community (Religious, Cultural, Spiritual Development, Community Development, Social Welfare, Women, Youth and Child Empowerment)
Self Employed Members
Statutory Benefits
Special Investigation Division
Seismic Data and Tsunami Center
Services Provided by the Board
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Crop Clinic
Sonduru Piyasa Housing Loan Programme
Sterilization of Medical Products and Food Irradiation
Supplier Registration
Sample Application Form for NAITA Cources
Sample Application Form for NVQ Certificate
Sample Application Form for National Vacational Exams
Supporting Form
Statement of Hire-Purchase Agreement Relating to a Motor Vehicle - ( MTA 3)
Statement of Change of Possession of Motor Vehicle & Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle on Transfer - ( MTA 06 & MTA 08 )
Selling Price of Livestock.xl1
Selling Price of Livestock.xl2
Selling Price of Livestock 2008
Selling Price of other Livestock
Students manuscript Contest
Short Drama 1
Short Drama 2
Saraswathie Pension
Saraswathie Pension
Student Monuscript Contest
state Drama
State Children Drama
Schedule 'A'
Schedule 'B'
Savings Application Form
Standing order Application Form
Seafarer Registration Application
SLNQA Winners
SLS Mark mandatory products
Structure of the Papers (Web) New
Structure of the Papers (Web) New Tamil
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2011 paper notice
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2011 paper notice 2
Sri Lanka Companies Act No 7 of 2007 English
Sri Lanka Companies Act No 7 of 2007 Sinhala
Sri Lanka Companies Act No 7 of 2007 Tamil
State Timber Corporation Tender No STC/PSM/2011/T-05 & STC/PSM/2011/T-13
Self Employed Member Application - Form SE ‘A’
Shramasuwa Rekawarana Hospitalization Application
State Timber Corporation - Timber Auctions - April 2013
ICTA Awards

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