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Weather Service
Welfare facilities for migrant workers
Widows’/Widowers’ & Orphans’ Pension Scheme
Warehouses of Educational Publications Department
Withdrawals from the Savings Accounts
Withdrawals from Minor's Account
Withdrawal of a Letter Already Posted
Weather Information and Forecasts(Daily/ Short Time) for Aviation, Marine, Fisheries, Media, Public etc.
Web Site of the Department of Census and Statistics
We INVESTIGATE (upon a receipt of communication), PROSECUTE, PREVENT Incidents of Bribery, Corruption & Recent Accumulation of Wealth beyond His Known income
Workshop on Process Re engineering for Trade Unions
Workshop on Public Relations and Interpersonal Relations
Workshop on How to Become an Effective Leader
Workshop on How to Negotiate Effectively
Workshop on Project Concept and Project Cycle
Workshop on Effective Communication
Workshop on Concept of Power and Leadership
Wanitha Shakthi Bank Societies
Workshop on Problem Solving and Decision making
Workshop on Effective Speaking and Presentation Techniques
Workshop on Introduction to Productivity
Workshop on Kaizen Management
Workshop on Super 5S as a Productivity Tool
Water Management - Functions and Services
Waste Reception Service
World Trade Organization (WTO) Reference Centre
Winning career challenges
When applying ETA by third parties payments
Water Supply and Drainage
Water Resource and Development
water supply service in rural area
Women’s Agriculture Extension Service
Women’s Agriculture Extension Service
Waste Reception Service Application
ICTA Awards

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