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Wanitha Shakthi Bank Societies

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Opening a Bank account through Wanitha Shakthi Bank Societies

The Wanitha Shakthi Bank Societies have built up their capital from;

1. Membership shares
2. Savings of members
3. Savings of Children
4. Savings of Non members
5. Loan Interests
6. Local and foreign grants

Following types of accounts are available in Samurdhi Bank.

1. Members’ Savings Account
Members of Women’s Societies can open this account individually.

2. Non-members’ Savings Account
Non members of Women’s Societies can open this account.

3. Children’s Savings Account
This account can be open for the Women’s Societies members’ children.

Accounts holders obtain 6% monthly interest for all types of accounts


1. Applicant being residing within relevant Grama Niladhari Division
2. Applicant being over 18 years of age
Note:This eligibility is not applicable for Children Savings Account
3. To open Member’s Savings Accounts an applicant should be a member of a Women’s Society and should be a group or individual share holder of the Wanitha Bank Society.
Note: A group of 5 women is known as one Group Share Holder.
4. To open a Children’s Savings Account, child’s mother should be a member of Women’s Society and the child should be under 18 years of age
Note: Any other person can apply for non-members’ Savings Account. Even men can open this type of account

Submission Procedure


Obtain an application form

Application form can be obtained from either respective Wanitha Shakthi Bank or Women’s Societies

Application form

Wanitha Shakthi Bank Society Membership form

Support Documents required

National Identity Card

Membership Number (only to open Member’s Savings Accounts and Children Savings Accounts)

Hand over application form

-If the applicant is a member of Wanitha Shakthi bank Society, she must first submit the application to the respective Women’s Society to get the approval. Once the application is approved the applicant can directly handovers it to the respective Wanitha Shakthi Bank.

If the applicant is not a member of Wanitha Shakthi Bank Society, he / she can directly submit the application form to the respective Wanitha Shakthi Bank

Working Days

Wanitha Shakthi bank - Monday to Friday

Working Hours

9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Time Line

Process Timeline:
As soon as the applicant submits the application form, the Wanitha Shakthi Bank issues Pass Book.

Submission Timeline:

Member’s Savings Account: application should be submitted during the Women’s Society meeting which is held once two weeks.

Wanitha Shakthi Bank Monday to Thursday
Thursday & Saturday 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Holidays: All Public and Mercantile Holidays

Cost Related to the services
Cost:No cost involved
However to be a member / shareholder, the applicant must obtain a share at a Rs. 500 value.

Fee: No Fee involved

Penalties:No any penalties involved

Surcharges:There is no any additional cost involved

Support Documents Required
National Identity Card
Membership Number (only to open Member’s Savings Accounts and Children Savings Accounts)

Organization Information

Women’s Bureau Of Sri Lanka

Nawala Road,

Telephones:+94 11 2 504935
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 504934

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