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Apprentice Training

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National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority is a main government institute which conduct vocational training under the Apprenticeship system. Under this system approximately 150 technician courses relating to 22 vocation field are conducted. You may apply for any vocation field mention here according to your education level. Recruitment are made through out the year by head office or district officers.

Benefit for Apprentice from the Apprenticeship Training

  • Opportunity to obtaining the training free of charge in a factory, work site or office under the skilled Technician in the apprentice’s residents area.
  • Grant allowance of Rs. 1000 for month of period of six month during training.
  • Giving a training of vocational guidance an entrepreneurship development.
  • Proficiency certificate recognize locally and abroad will be a waded to trainees who complete training successfully.

In addition you may enter any vocation, or training course under the rural scheme or other scheme correspondent to locality.

Vocational Training Coursess


  • Age should be between 16-35 years of Age as on the date of submitting the application in special occasion candidate above 35 years old can be recruite with approval of chairman.

Educational Qualifications

  • For the vocations classified under code one (1), pass in GCE (O/L) in six subjects including maths and language in not in more than two sittings. If candidates who have passed G.C.E (O/L) examination in more than 05 subjects but have failed in mathematics are selected to follow the vocational courses classified under code one (1), a special mathematics course will be organized for such candidates.
  • For the vocations classified under code two (2) candidates should have passed the grade 7 (year 8) government school or government assisted or approved school.
  • For the vocations classified under code three (3) candidates should have passed grade 8 (year 9) at a government school or government assisted or approved school.
  • For the vocations classified under code four (4), required qualifications have been mentioned under each vocation.

Process of Submitting Applications
Places from where application forms can be obtained from District officers and the head office of the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority.

Fees Payable for Obtaining Application Forms:
Forms are issued free of charge.

Time for Submission:
During working days form 8.30a.m to 4.15 p.m

Fees Payable for Obtaining the Service:
Free of charge

Time Taken to Provide Service (ordinary service / priority service)
Service will be provided in order of receipt of applications and according to the availability of training opportunities

Supporting Documents Required

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National Identity card
  3. Educational qualifications and other certificates
  4. should be submitted at the interview

Officers in Charge of the Service

  • Basic training, Modules of Distant education by post and Instruction classes and vocational English knowledge, Entrepreneur Development training and computer training will be provided to apprentices during the period of training.
  • Any problems that arise for apprentices in the period of apprenticeship training may be informed to relevant district office or relevant inspectors.
  • Daily report books and allowance will be given by relevant district office.

Basic Training
Basic training for apprentices during a prescribed period during the week end will be coordinated by the held office. Details of relevant officers are given below.

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Assistant Director (Training) Mrs.A.N. Samarasekara +9411-2872091
Training Officer Mrs. Thusitha Thilakawardhana +9411-2863680

Distant Education Modules
Distribution will be done by the relevant district offices, and these lessons will be made available to apprentices in Sinhala and Tamil media . On special occasions lessons can be obtained from the District Education section of the Head Office.

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Assistant Director (Training) Mrs.A.N. Samarasekara +9411-2872091
Coordinating Officer Mrs. Thusitha Thilakawardhana +9411-2863680

English Section
Vocational English Training will be coordinate by English section of the head office in the evening on weekdays.

Inquires officers are given below at the Head Office

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Deputy Director (Training) Mr.P.A.I. Perera +9411-2888777
Coordinating Officer Mr. N.L. Weerasinghe +9411-2863680

Entrepreneurship Development Training
This training will be coordinated by Entrepreneurship development section of the head office.

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Assistant Director (Training) Mrs.A.N. Samarasekara +9411-2872091
Training Officer Mrs. Thusitha Thilakawardhana +9411-2863680

Coordinated Instruction Classed

  • Discussion of problems of modules will be organized by the district officers.
  • These discussion will be held during the weekends.

Evaluation Section

  • Practical and theory test are conducted by the evaluation section of the Head office, at the end of the apprentice training. Filling the relevant data sheet should be sent to evaluation section through your instructor 3 months before end of the course.

Details of evaluation section are given below:

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Assistant Director (Training) Mrs.A.N. Samarasekara +9411-2872091
Training Officer Mrs. Deepthi Kumari +9411-2863680

Certificate Section

  • Certificate issued by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority, can be obtained by Apprentices on been successful after evaluation test.

Inquires about these certificate may be referred to officers mention below:

Director (Training) Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka +9411-2876387
Training Manager Mr. Indrani Jayawardhana +9411-2863680
Coordinating Officer Mr. M.H.N.P. Dharmasiri +9411-2863680

Application form
Specimen Application

Organization Information

National Apprentice and Industrial Traning Authority

No 971,
Sri Jayawardana Mawatha,

Telephones:011 288 8782 - 5 / 1951
Fax Nos:+94-11–2863737

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