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Survey Geological Maps

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A major function of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) is to prepare and publish different types of geologically important maps of the country. There are 21 geological maps of 1:100,000 scale covering the entire land mass of the country. All these maps have been published and are currently available for sale in hard and digital (DGN) formats. In these maps, surface geological and structural information of the country are delineated.

1:250,000 scale Quarter geological maps of the country have also been published and are available for sale in hard and digital (shp) formats.

GSMB is currently engaged in preparation of 1:50,000 Quaternary maps along the coastal areas of the country. Of these maps, 3 (Kalutara, Balapitiya- Ambalangoda, Matara) have been published and available for sale in hard and digital (DGN and Shp) formats.

GSMB is also currently engaged in preparation of 1:100000 scale of Geochemical maps.




Staff Officers incharge of the Service

Designation Name Division Telephone Fax E-mail
Deputy Director (Geology)



Geology +94-11-2886287 +94-11-2887825
Asst. Director (Geology) Mr. K.T.U.S. de Silva Geology +94-11-2886277 +94-11-2886695

Exception of Instances Out Side the above Requirement and Special Information.

Format of Application

Filled Application Form

Organization Information

Geological Survey and Mines Bureau

No 569

Epitamulla Road




Mr. T. Dhanayake
Telephones:+94 11 2886289/2886290/2887820/2887821/2887822/2887823
Fax Nos:+94 11 2886273

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