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Taking action an Industrial Disputes

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Should be submitted in writing regarding the dispute occurred between an employer and an employee or between employer and an employee or between employers and employees and employees in private or semi Government sector, connected with employment, non-employment, or terms of employment and service conditions, termination of employment or re-employment, to Industrial Relation Division in the Head office or to District Labour Office/ Labour sub office in the area where the relevant institution located.

Method of submitting application

Places where application form could be obtained :-

No specific application. When an industrial dispute occur, a complaint including the details on the complaint and the employer should be submitted in duplicate to the district labour office in the area where the relevant institution located.

Payment for application :-

No charge.

Time to submit application :-

The complaint should be handed over to the District Labour office of the residence area during the office hours of a working day.

Fees paying to obtain this service :-

No service charge.

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

Time will depend on the nature of the dispute and the issues, which are agreed or disagreed by the parties.

Necessary Supporting documents

Supporting documents will depend on each dispute. A document to confirm the dispute will be required.

Staff Officers in charge of the Service






Commissioner of Labour

Industrial Relations




Assistant Commissioner of Labour

Industrial Relations




Assistant Commissioner of Labour

Industrial Relations




Exceptions, instances not included above and special information


Application Form

Not relevant.

Organization Information

Department of Labour

Colombo 05.

Mr. H.K.K.A. Jayasundara
Telephones:0112581142/ 0112581143/ 0112581146/ 0112369373
Fax Nos:(+94)11 2581145

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