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Change of constitution of a registered Trade Union

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The constitutionality of the charge of constitution should have been confirmed.

Method of submitting application

Places where application form could be obtained :-

7th floor, Trade Union Division, Labour Secretariat. Required application forms can be downloaded from website:


Payment for application :-

No charge.

Time to submit application :-

Should be submitted to Trade Union Division within 7 days from the date of relevant meeting.

Fees paying to obtain this service :-


Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

Approval will be granted according to the accuracy of the information applied.

Necessary Supporting documents

  • The Attendance sign-in sheet to prove that a meeting with the quorum was held constitutionally
  • A copy of the meeting minutes certified by the secretary
  • Completed form ‘G’
  • Completed form ‘K’
  • A copy of the presently registered constitution of the relevant union

Staff Officers in charge of the Service






Assistant Commissioner of Labour

Trade Union



Exceptions, instances not included above and special information


Application Form

Required application forms can be downloaded from website:

Organization Information

Department of Labour

Colombo 05.

Mr. H.K.K.A. Jayasundara
Telephones:0112581142/ 0112581143/ 0112581146/ 0112369373
Fax Nos:(+94)11 2581145

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