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Registration of Tea Smallholder Development Societies

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  • Original :- Registration of Tea Smallholder Development Societies

Grouping of tea smallholders in a village / several villages where no society is currently operating and obtaining advice by liaising with the Tea Inspector Extension Officer of the area.

  • Application procedure :-
    (Places where applications could be obtained, places of submission, counters and times)
  • Places where applications could be obtained :-
    Offices of the Tea Inspectors Extension Officers of the area , Regional Office
  • Application fees :- Not payable
  • Times of submission :- Soon after establishment of the society
  • Fess payable to obtain the service :- None
  • Time taken to obtain the service :- Normal services and priority services

Registration is issued in less than 3 days after submission of accurately completed registration documents through the Regional Manager to the Head Office.

  • Required confirmation documents :-
    1. 3 copies of society registration application
    2. 3 copies of the affirmation
    3. 2 copies of the approved constitution
    4. Minutes of the general meeting establishing the society
    5. Attendance record of the members attending the meeting

  • Staff officers in charge of the service :-

    Name :- Mr.Gamini Jayasinghe
    Designation :- Assistant Community Development Manager
    Division :- Development
    Telephone :- 2784926 / 27
    Fax :- 2784928
    e-mail :-
  • Regional Manager (Of the relevant area) / Assistant Regional Manager /
    Senior Tea Inspector / Extension Officer / Tea Inspector / Extension Officer

Organization Information

Tea Small Holdings Development Authority

No 70,
Parliament Road,

Telephones:0117909021 / 0117909020
Fax Nos: 0112784925 / 0112784928

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