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  Required Forms     Specimen application form (Given in annex 2.4.7)
Extension of Registration of Timber Base Enterprises

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2.4.1 Requirements:Should not be offender for and offence mentioned under Forest Ordinances

2.4.2 Process of forwarding an application form.
(Place of obtaining and submitting and application form and time) Places of obtaining application forms:

  1. Head Office of the Forest Department,No 82,Rajamalwatta Road,Battaramulla.
  2. Office of the Regional Deputy Conservator of Forest(south/sabaragamuwa),Darmapala Mawatha,Rathnapura.
  3. Office of the Regional Deputy,Conservatorof Forest (Uva/central),Udupussellawa Road,NuwaraEliya.
  4. Office of the Regional Deputy,Conservator of Forest (North/North), Metta Mawatha,Kadapanaha,Anuradhapura.
  5. Office of the Regional Deputy,Conservator of Forest (North western/Western),No 60,Akuregoda Road,Pelawatta,Battaramulla. Payment that has to be made to obtain an application form: No payment has to be made

  Fee / Payment
Rs. Cents
VAT (12%)
Rs. Cents
Stamp Duty (10%)
Rs. Cents

Rs. Cents

Saw mills
With Circular saws
1150.00 138.00 115.00 1403.00
With Circular saws and band saws 2300.00


230.00 2806.00
Manual sawing only 1150.00 138.00 115.00 1403.00
Timber sales centre
More than 300 cubic feet
1150.00 138.00 115.00 1403.00
Less than 300 cubic feet 575.00 69.00 57.50 701.50

Mechanical carpentry sheds

550.00 66.00 55.00 671.00

Furniture shops

300.00 36.00 30.00 366.00
Ordinary carpentry sheds 125.00 15.00 12.50 152.50
Fuel wood stalls 90.00 10.80 9.00 109.80 Time of submitting the application form: From 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on any working day of the Week to respective DFO’s office Payment that has to be made to obtain the respective service

2.4.3. Time Duration that is required to provide that : Within one month service ( ordinary services and priority services)

2.4.4. Required documents

1.Application form for extension (F.D 203(a) 96) Annex 2.4.7
2.A photocopy of the environmental protection license (Depending on the requirement)

2.4.5. Staff officer in charge

All Regional Deputy Conservator of Forest Officers and all Divisional Forest Officers

2.4.6. Situation that deviate from above requirements and special information.

2.4.7.Specimen application form (Given in annex 2.4.7)

2.4.8.Submit the completed application form

Organization Information

Department of Forest Conservation

No.82, Rajamalwatta Road,

Mr. W.T.B.Dissanayake
Fax Nos:0112-2866633

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Extension of Registration of Timber Base Enterprises

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