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Requirements to obtain occasional license (FL 14)

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1.    This license is a temporary license to sell Beer  (Malt Liquor) in the occasions like  Carnivals.

2.    A Written request should be forwarded to the Assistant Excise Commissioner of the area,  through the Superintendent of Excise and the Officer In-charge by the Organizers.

3.    No objection letter obtained from the Institution which the relevant premises or the ground  belongs,  stating their  should   forward.

4.    Recommendation of the Superintendent of Police of the relevant area.

5.    The Agreement  between Beer Manufacturer and the Organizers should forward,  if the Beer Stall is established by the Beer Manufacturer.

6.    The letter, promising that the profit or a part of the profit is being given to a Social Services /Charitable Institution.

7.    Rs. 5000/=  per day is charged for this license 

Organization Information

Department of Excise

Excise Department of Sri Lanka
No. 353,
Kotte Road,
Sri Lanka.

Fax Nos:011-2877890

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