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Medical assistance for kidney transplantation

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Medical assistance are granted for kidney transplantation and dialysis treatment.

Instructions to Applicants

The financial assistance given by the President Fund is a charity. Please read the instructions and submit the Application Form only if you are a fit person to receive such charity.

Step 1: Obtaining an Application Form ( Sinhala, English, Tamil )
Following documents have to be produced for this purpose

  1. Doctor’s recommendation (original)
  2. An estimate of expenses obtained from the hospital concerned(original)
  3. A letter of request from the patient or the person applying on his or her behalf

If the application form is downloaded from the website, the above documents should be submitted with the application to the President’s Fund.

Step 2: Issue of Application Form - A temporary reference number will be assigned at this stage.

Step 3: Submission of the perfected Application Form
All the cages No. 1 – 13 should be filled. Please avoid drawing lines or leaving the space blank in any cage.

Step 4: The completed application form should be handed over only to the Office of the President’s Fund.

Step 5: On receipt of the Application Form the President’s Fund will call for two separate reports on it from the relevant Divisional Secretary and the Ministry of Health. A copy of the letter calling for the report from the Divisional Secretary too will be sent to the applicant to enable him/her to ensure that the Divisional Secretary sends his report without delay. The Card containing reference number etc., issued by the President’s Fund will also be sent to the applicant together with it.

Step 6: On receipt of the above mentioned two reports, the President’s Fund will process the application and submit it to His Excellency the President for approval.

Step 7: On receipt of approval of His Excellency the President, the applicant will be informed of the fact. A permanent Reference number will be allocated to the patient’s file thereafter. This new number will be used in all future transactions.

Step 8: Following steps should be taken as regards the performance of the Surgical Operation/obtaining of Medical Treatment after receiving the letter approving grant of financial assistance to the patient:

  1. Obtain a date for admission of patient to hospital.
  2. Have a photostat made of the letter issued by the hospital stating that date.
  3. Send a letter to President’s Fund together with that letter requesting that the amount approved by the President’s Fund be remitted to the hospital concerned.

Step 9: The President’s Fund will thereafter issue the Guarantee Letter to the Hospital concerned or the Director of the Institution providing Medical Supplies. (The letter of Guarantee will be issued only after the receipt of approval of His Excellency the President).

Reimbursement of Expenses:

Step 10: If for any reason it became necessary to have the surgical operation performed or Medical Treatment obtained before the issuance of the Guarantee Letter to the hospital, the amount approved for the purpose or the cost incurred which ever is lower, would be reimbursed by the President’s Fund. However, the following are the pre-conditions for such action by the President’s Fund.

  • Informing the President’s Fund in writing that the surgical operation had to be carried out as a matter of urgency and requesting the Fund that the cost of the surgical operation be reimbursed from the President’s Fund. This request should be made immediately after the performance of the operation.
  • For the reimbursement of the cost of the Surgical Operation, it is a compulsory requirement to produce to the President’s Fund.
  1. Originals of the receipts and bills issued by the Hospital and
  2. A copy of the report issued by the Doctor after the performance of the Surgical Operation.

Payment will be made on the basis of originals of documents only.

In case it became necessary to perform a surgical operation on a patient as a matter of urgency reimbursement of cost of operation will be considered only if requested within 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital after surgery/treatment (inclusive of weekends and public holidays)

  1. The Application Form should be perfected and submitted to the office of the President’s Fund without delay.
  2. In case you call at the Office of the President’s Fund, kindly restrict such visits to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the week.
  3. All correspondence with the President’s Fund should be addressed to :
    President’s Fund
    3rd Floor
    No. 35
    D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha
    Colombo 10
  4. Please note that only the Patient or the Applicant should call at the President’s Fund to make any inquiry brining along with him or her the Card issued by the Fund. If due to any unavoidable reason any person other than them comes, he/she should bring a letter of authorization from the patient. That letter should state the reasons the applicant/patient is unable to call over at the office for the purpose.


Organization Information

President's Fund

President’s Fund
3rd Floor
No. 35
D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha
Colombo 10

Mr. D.N.Nanayakkara
Telephones:+94 11 2 354354 (Ext- 4800, 4809, 4812, 4813, 4814)
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 2331243

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