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Daily Deposit Collection Service

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Door-to-Door Daily Savings Account

1.About the Account

Since Bank officers visit you on daily basis to cater your banking needs, your work place should be situated in an easily accessible place within the areas covered under this service. (Borella, Punchi Borella and Narahenpita areas are covered currently)

  • An account holder maintaining a minimum balance of Rs. 15,000 and is under 75 years of age can nominate a beneficiary to receive a life insurance of Rs. 25,00 for a natural death and Rs. 200,000 for the death due to an accident (except for suicide).
  • The insurance benefit is available after 03 months of opening the account.
  • An account can be opened with Rs. 100 and the holder is eligible for the insurance benefit after 03 months once the balance reaches Rs. 15,000.
  • For a natural death the benefits are available only after 90days from the date of insuring.

A receipt signed by a bank officer will be given for each day’s deposit and a monthly statement is be sent by the bank for each customer.


Being a Sri Lankan above 18 years
Ability to deposit money regularly

3.Documents Required

  • National Identity Card / Passport / Driving License
  • Duly filled application form – Form A
  • Signature card
  • Cash credit slip

4.Time Required to Provide the Service
10 Minutes

5.Application Form Template (a) See Individual Savings Accounts (Form A.pdf)

Organization Information

Sri Lanka Savings Bank

No 265,
Ward Place,
Colombo 07.

Mr. Sujith frenando
Fax Nos:011-2674704-6

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