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Obtaining a Duplicate of a Driving License

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Step 1: Applicant obtains the application form “M.T.A. 42” from:

  • District secretarial offices (normal service)
  • Main office in Verahere – Colombo (one day service - priority)

Step 2: Applicant submits the filled form directed to Commissioner, along with required documents to:

  • District secretarial offices (normal service)
  • Main office in Colombo (one day service - priority)

Step 3: Department checks the accuracy of the documents provided
Step 4: Send the order for assistant commissioner for issuing of the duplicate license
Step 5: Department issues the duplicate license


If Relevant Documents Submitted by Applicant are Found Inaccurate:

Reject Request for Duplicate License and Applicant should Re-submit all relevant documents.

Applicants can Apply for this Service Under Following Circumstances:
At the loss of a driving licenseAt situations of a license being damaged

In Order to be Qualified to Obtain this Service an Applicant must meet with Following Conditions:

  • Being a owner of a driving license
  • Information of the license provided by the applicant existing within the
  • Department system (license being issues after 1996)
  • Manual files (license being issued before 1996)
  • Provide with all the documents required within the process (please refer to the section: “Documents Required”)

Note: Any applicant who is not able to meet with above conditions will be considered disqualified from obtaining the service.

Submission Procedure:
All the applications should be directed to the commissioner of the Licensing Division

Commissioner – Department of Motor Traffic,
P.O Box 533, 581-341, Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 5.

Note 1: Applicants are given the facility of obtaining licenses through:

  • All district secretarial offices (normal service)
  • Main office in Verahera – Colombo (one day service - priority)

Application form:
Form “M.T.A. 42”: Application for a Duplicate Driving License

Time Line:

Process Timeline:

Applied for one-day (priority) service License issued within 1 day
Applied for normal service License issued within 3 months

Submission Timeline:
For Obtaining & Submitting Application Forms:

Working days Mondays to Fridays
Counter open hours 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (Normal)
Counter open hours 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Priority)
Holidays -

Note: One Day Processing Applicants can obtain their Duplicate License after 3:30 pm, within the same say of submitting forms.

Validity Timeline:
Validity of the application exists until the process is concluded and duplicate license is being issued

Costs Related to Service:

Cost of Obtaining the Application:
Application forms provided free of charge


Type of Request Normal Service Priority Service
For a lost license Rs. 520.00 Rs. 770.00
For a damaged license Rs. 520.00 Rs. 770.00
For a lost license with 3 year renewal Rs. 820.00 Rs. 1120.00
For a lost license with 5 year renewal Rs. 1120.00 Rs. 1470.00
For a lost license with 9 year renewal Rs. 1420.00 Rs. 2270.00


No penalties involved in this process

There are no additional costs involved in the process of obtaining these services

Support Documents Required:

  • Two copies of black and white photos of size: 2*2 ”, with certification of Grama Niladhari at the back of one of the photos
  • A certified copy of the police entry stating the loss of the license, This copy should be issued within the period of last 6 months
  • National Identity Card / Original and a photocopy of a valid Passport, containing NIC number
  • Current license of the applicant – If the license is damaged

When applying for the One day service, applicant should provide with a letter from the Grama Niladhari or Regional Secretary certifying the accuracy of his residency

Service Responsibility Matrix

Designation Name Division Telephone
Commissioner Mr. B. Wijerathne General +94-11-2698717
Additional Commissioner Mr. Kannagara Licensing Division +94-11-2556856/+94-11-2516404
Assistant Commissioner - Licensing Division -
Supervising Officers - Licensing Division -

Special Cases

There are no special conditions applying to this service

Sample Form with Dummy Data
Form “M.T.A. 42 example”

Organization Information

Department of Motor Traffic

No: 581-341,
Elvitigala Mavatha,
Colombo 05. .

Mr. Upul Priyantha de Silva
Fax Nos:011-2694338

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