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Obtaining a Certification for Driving License

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Step 1: Applicant obtains the application form “C.M.T.22”, either from:

  • Main office at Colombo
  • From a relevant district office

Step 2: Submit the filled form either by:

  • Hand over to the Supervising Officers at the counter at main office (for priority service – one day)
  • Post the application (for normal service)

Step 3: Check for the issuance year of the license and the type of service required on (priority / normal)
Step 4: Check for the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant by comparing them with details existing within the system
Step 5: Issue the certification of the license


  • If the license details provided by the applicant do not exist within the system: Check for the details within the old (manual) files
  • If the license details provided by the applicant contradict with the details existing in the system: Reject the application
  • If the license details provided by the applicant do not exist within the old (manual) files: Reject the application

1. Any applicant being an owner of a driving license can apply for the service of obtaining certification of license.

2. Reason for requesting for certification is :
On a request/order for a certification to ensure the competency of the owner of the license to drive, by certain entities:

  • Courts
  • Insurance companies
  • Companies hiring drivers
  • Embassies

Following Factors should be met by the Applicant in Order to Obtain this Service:

  1. Applicant should provide with accurate information of his/her current license
  2. Information of the license provided by the applicant existing within the
  • Department system (license being issues after 1996)
  • Manual files (license being issued before 1996)

Note: Any applicant who is not able to meet with above conditions will be considered disqualified to apply for the service.

Submission Procedure
All the applications should be directed to the Assistant Commissioner of the Licensing Division

Assistant Commissioner – Licensing Division,
Department of Motor Traffic,
P.O Box 533, 581-341, Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 5.

Note 1: Applications can be forwarded in either of following manners:

  • Mailed to the Licensing Division (for normal service)
  • Handed over to the Supervising Officers at the counter at main office (for one day service – priority)

Application Form
Application Form “C.M.T. 22”: Application for Certification of Driving License

Time Line

Process timeline:

Applied for one-day (priority) service Issued within 1 day
Applied for normal service Issued within 1 week – 1 month

Submission Timeline:
For Obtaining & Submitting Application Forms:

Working days Mondays to Fridays
Counter open hours 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (Normal)
Counter open hours 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Priority)
Holidays All Public and Mercantile Days

Note:One Day Processing Applicants can obtain their Certification after 3:30 pm, within the same say of submitting forms.

Validity Timeline:
Validity of the application extends until the Department issues the Certification.

Costs Related to Service

Cost of obtaining the application:
Application forms provided free of charge

For the normal service – Rs. 170.00
For the priority service – Rs. 220.00

No penalties involved in the process of issuing certification for licenses.

There are no additional costs involved in the process of issuing certification of licenses

Support Documents Required

  • A letter from applicant ,including the information of the license , stating his/her requirement
  • The receipt issued for the duplicate copy of the license, if the license has been lost or destroyed
  • Temporary license, if applied for a renewal of the license
  • The letter issued by a relevant organization, if the certification is requested by that organization

Service Responsibility Matrix

Designation Name Division Telephone
Additional Commissioner Mr. Kannangara Licensing Division +94-11-2556856/+94-11-2516404
Assistant Commissioner Mrs. Chandra Karunasena Licensing Division -
Supervising Officers Mr. Somasiri Fernando Licensing Division -

Special Cases
There are no special conditions applied for this service

Sample Forms with Dummy Data
Form "C.M.T.22 example"

Organization Information

Department of Motor Traffic

No: 581-341,
Elvitigala Mavatha,
Colombo 05. .

Mr. Upul Priyantha de Silva
Fax Nos:011-2694338

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