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YOU ARE HERE: Home Trade, Business & Industry Approvals, Permits & Licenses Importation of Chemicals (Chemicals, Animal Products and Herbal Products Import License) - Unit 3
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Importation of Chemicals (Chemicals, Animal Products and Herbal Products Import License)

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Obtaining License

Applicant should have the Business Registration Certificate
Applicant should have the approval from the relevant authority

Support Documents Required

Type of import Relevant Authority
Insecticides and pesticides substances Pesticide Control Registrar's Office
Animals and animal products and live animals Dept. of Animal Production and Health
Crude Oils, gas and petroleum products Petroleum Ministry
Corn, and other green products Department of Agriculture
Non-pesticides chemicals Ministry of Industries /�State Trading Corporation
Radio active substance Nuclear Energy Authority
Spirits (Alchol) Excise Department

Submission Procedure
Obtain Application Forms
Counter – Unit 03

Making Payments
Counter – Cashier

Submission of Application Form Request Letter and Support Documents
Counter – Unit 03

Application Form: Specimen Indent Form


Step 1: Obtain the indent form from Unit 3
Step 2: Fill the indent form and submit it to Unit 3 with the relevant support documents.
Step 3: Unit 03 checks the request detail and checks the validity of information.
Step 4: When unit 03 is satisfied with the request, the license fee is charged from the applicant.
Step 5: Applicant pays the license fee to the Cashier
Step 6: Forward the request detail to the Import/Export Controller for final approval
Step 7: Import/Export Controller approves the request
Step 8: Unit 03 computerizes the license detail
Step 9: Unit 03 issues the License after the approval.

Note: If unit 03 is not satisfied with the information provided, the applicant has to provide the lacking information.If Unit 03 is satisfied with the information provided, it is directed to the Import/Export Controller.

Time Line

Process Time Line: One Day

Submission Time Line
Obtain Application Form and Support Documents

Counter – Uinit 03
Time – 8:30 am to 4:15 pm
Working Days – Monday to Friday
Holidays – Public and Mercantile Holidays

Validity Time Line: The validity period for this service varies from 1 to 6 months.

Costs Related to the Service

Cost: No fee is charged

Fee: 0.2 % of the CIF value

Penalties: If the importer has imported goods without any license or if he has violatedby the licensing conditions a fine is imposed on him.

Note: If the importer has imported goods without a license, the Import/Export Controller charges an additional fee as a penalty.

Surcharge: No Surcharge.

Special Cases
�If the importer has imported goods without a license, a goods received license is issued with a penalty.
The following documents needed for the goods received license.

  • Customer Documents/Invoice
  • Explanation letters
  • Approval letter from the relevant authority and customs notes

Organization Information

Department of Imports and Exports Control

No: 75 1/3,
1st Floor,
Hemas Building,
York Street,
P.O. Box - 559,
Colombo 01.

Mr. A. H. L. De Zoysa
Telephones:+94-11-2326774/+94 112 322046/+94 112 322053/+94 112 322007
Fax Nos:+94 112 328 486

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