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Reservation of Seats in Intercity and other Express Trains

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2.1. Service Information

There are Intercity and other Express trains from Colombo to Kandy, Nanuoya, Badulla, Jaffna, Batticalo, Trinco, Vavuniya and Taleimannar. The First-class & Second-class seats of these Trains are Reserving Seats. Generally, one coach of the intercity train consists of unreserved third-class seats. All the couches of the Jaffna Intercity are fully Air-conditioned. Most of the other trains have one Air-Conditioned Coach.

2.2. Application/Reservation method of the service

Reservations can be done at the Terminating Stations and at Stopping Stations. Majority of the reservations are done at Colombo Fort Station. Passengers can visit the Reservation Office at Colombo Fort Station or can meet the Station Master at the Terminating or Stopping Stations for their reservation purposes. However, only a limited number of seats have been allocated to Station Masters at Stopping Stations. No application forms required.

Download List of Railway Stations with Seat Reservation Facility Available


Reservation of Seats in Express/Intercity/AC trains through Mobitel, Etisalat and SLT telephones (From 30 Days before the Date of the Journey) and Follow the steps below. 1. Dial 365 in your Mobitel/Etisalat Telephones or Dial 1365 in your SLT Telephone 2. The Mobitel/Etisalat/SLT Call Centre Operator will answer 3. Reserve your seat 4. You will receive a Reference Number through a SMS 5. Visit Railway Stations listed above for reservation facility OR any of the Mobitel Billing Centers and show (or tell) this Reference Number 6. Then, you will receive the Train Ticket 7. Your Train Fare will be added to the Mobitel/Etisalat/SLT bill. Mobitel/Etisalat/SLT will charge additional 15% of the Ticket Reservation Value.

2.3. Payments/Charges to be made for the service

You can directly download the ticket fare from the Department website.

Download List of Ticket Fare and Charges

2.4. Documents to be submitted

No documents are required but, it will be convenient if you have a pre-decided plan for the travel (Eg: Date of travel, number of persons, Class of travel, Date of Returning to obtain return tickets, alternative dates for travel if no reservations available).

2.5. Procedure of the service

Reservations are made on 30 days before the date of the journey and First Come First Serve Basis. Due to the limitations in availability of number of seats, it is advised to make your reservations on the Date of the Opening of the Reservations itself.

2.6. Average time taken for obtaining the service

Train ticket booking time period is before 30 days of the Journey date.

2.7. Officer responsible for extending the service

Station Master in charge of the particular Station

(Ex: Station Superintendent at Colombo Fort Station)


Operating Superintendent:

Tele: 0112431094


Commercial Superintendent:

Tele: 0112432128/0114600156

Fax: 0112432128 Email:

2.8. Deviations of the service process

No deviations

2.9. Application Forms

No application forms

Organization Information

Department of Railways

Railway Headquarters,
P.O. Box 355,

Telephones:+94 11 4 600 111
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 446490

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