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Issuing Railway Seasons Tickets

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  12.1 Service Information

Railway Seasons tickets are issued at the Railway Stations. There are two types of Seasons tickets, Private Seasons and Government Seasons. Multiple form of the season ticket exists (For 2nd Class and 3rd Class): Weekly Season, Monthly Season, Zonal Season and Three Months Season (Only for Government Employees). All provide unlimited travels between two named stations for the specific time period.

12.2 Application/Reservation method of the service

An application form should be submitted for the first time for getting the Season Folders. The applications can be obtained from Station Masters at the Railway Stations OR you can directly download the requesting application (Form 2.11 and From 2.12) from the Department website. It is required to submit two copies of 2” x 2¼” sized color photos and Rs.200/- should be paid for preparing a new Season Folder. A receipt is issued. All the application and the photos should be certified by an authorized person. Until the Season Folder receiving, instead of Season Folder the receipt can be used when getting the particular season ticket at the stations. (For the government seasons, it is required to be followed the government season issuing procedures.) Payment information can be obtained at the particular stations

12.3 Payments/Charges to be made for the service

12.4 Documents to be submitted

When getting new season, the Season Folder and Old Season Ticket should be submitted to the station ticket counter.

12.5 Procedure of the service

Season Tickets are issued at the stations before the beginning of the particular month and exist until 7th of the month. For the government seasons, it is require to be followed the government season issuing procedures.

12.6 Average time taken for obtaining the service

Two minutes

12.7 Officer responsible for extending the service

Station Masters at the particular Railway Stations

Download Stations Contact Numbers

12.8 Deviations of the service process

A Season Folder can be obtained from the Railway Head Office (Only for government employees). A proper application form should be submitted.

Government Seasons can be obtained from the Railway Head Office from 4th to 10th of each month. A new season application form should be submitted. Additional Rs.50/- should be paid for late charges.

12.9 Application Forms

Download Application for the Special Folder (with Photograph) for Concessionary Season Ticket Holders and Zone Ticket Holders (Form 2.11)

Download Application for the Special Identity Card issued to Ordinary Season Ticket Holders and Zone Ticket Holders (Form 2.12)

Organization Information

Department of Railways

Railway Headquarters,
P.O. Box 355,

Telephones:+94 11 4 600 111
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 446490

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