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Obtain Samurdhi Stamps

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Stamps are issued at Rs.210/-, 250/-, 375/-, 350/-,525/-, 415/-, 615/-,900/-, 1,500/-

Rs.210/ – (Empowerd Fammilies�are elidibility for get this stamp)

Rs.155/- for Goods from Cooperative�or cahs from samurdhi bank�
Rs.45 for Social Security Fund (Insuarence)
Rs. 10/- for Samurdhi Housing Lottery

Rs.250/– (Eligible for One Member Family, Who are living alone)

Rs.240 for Goods from Cooperative
Rs.10 for Samurdhi Housing Lottery

Rs. 375/- (50% increasing from Mahinda Chinthanaya - Eligible for One Memeber Family , Who are living Alone))
Rs. 365/- for Goods from Cooperative
Rs. 10/- for Samurdhi Housing Lotary

Rs.350/– (Two member family eligible for this stamp)

Rs.340/- for Goods from Cooperative
Rs.10/- for Samurdhi Housing Lottery

Rs.615/– (There were 3 to 5 Member family eligible for this stamp)

Rs.300/- Cash from Samurdhi Bank
Rs.160/- for Goods from Cooperative
Rs.100/- for Compulsory Savings
Rs.45/- for Insurance
Rs.10/- for�Samurdhi Housing�Lottery

Rs.1500/– (more than six members family eligible for this stamp)

Rs. 400/- Cash from Samurdhi Bank
Rs. 645/- for Goods from Cooperative
Rs. 400/- for compulsory Savings
Rs. 45/- for Insurance
Rs. 10/- for Nivasa Lottery

Who are below poverty line is eligibel to get samurdhi.
�According to the Department of statistics, person below poverty is 15.2 in 2006/2007.
(Powerty line is provide by the Department of Statistics)
Submission Procedure
Applicant has to make a request to Samurdhi Development Officer. �

Application Forms
There is no formal application form.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

If Divisional Secretariat does not approve, the applicant will be disqualified.

Time Line
Process Time
Six months

Submission Time Line
During working hours
Working days – Monday to Friday
Counter open hours�- 8.30 am to 4.15 pm

Cost Related to the Services
There is no any cost involvement.

Support documents required
Not Applicable

Service Responsibility Matrix

Designation of person Name of person Name of Division
Divisional Secretariat Divisional Secretariat

Special cases
There is no any special case

Organization Information

Department of the Commissioner General of Samurdhi

No 17,
Barnce Place,
Colombo 07

Telephones:+94-11 - 2693993, +94-11-2673886
Fax Nos:+94-11 - 2691017, +94-11-2673775 ,

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