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obtain birth, marriage, hospitalized and death allownce.

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Samurdhi social protection fund is provided for the Samurdhi beneficiaries on the event of birth, marriage, hospitalized and death.

1.Birth of Samurdhi Beneficiaries Child
1st Birth Rs.2000
2nd Birth Rs.1000
2.On the Event of Marriage�of Samurdhi Beneficiaries
Samurdhi beneficiaries can obtain Rs.1000 each for their own children
3.On the Event of Hospitalized (Only for Benificiarie who is generate the income)
Samurdhi beneficiaries can obtain Re.100 each per day
Maximum�30 days
4.On the Event of Death
The victims will get Rs. 10000/-
Note :
The beneficiaries will be deducted Rs.45/- as Beneficiaries Samurdhi Stamp
•The Samurdhi beneficiary should own either a Rs.1500,�900,615 ,415 or�210 stamp to obtain fund
•Only first or second child of beneficiary obtains fund
•Birth shouldn’t be through a caesarian operation
•If twins are born, only one child will be eligible
•Should apply within a month
•Should be admitted for 7 days
•Should apply within a month
•Should be a family member of the Samurdhi beneficiary
•If death of child, should be after 6 months
•The funeral should be at the beneficiary’s house, if not a letter from the Grama Niladari has to be submitted stating the reason.
•If the family member’s death occurs during violence or argument the deceased family should be deemed not guilty by Court of Law.

Submission Procedure
Obtain Application Form
The applicant can obtain application form from the Samurdhi Development Officer of the relevant Grama Niladari Division.

Application form
Samurdhi social welfare form
Presently not available

Step by Step Procedure
Step 1: An applicant stating the event (birth, death, hospitalization, marriage) should be
Sent to the Samurdhi development officer
Step 2: Request letter & Support Documents should be forwarded with the application
Step 3: Samurdhi development officer hands over documents to the Samurdhi division
Step 4: Manager of the Samurdhi division office approves and hands over to the
Divisional Secretariat
Step 5: Divisional Secretariat compares the request with the member’s files and approves
Application and hands over to the Samurdhi division manager
Step 6: Samurdhi Division office Accountant certifies and issues cheque to the applicant

If Divisional Secretary does not approve, the application will be rejected.

Time Line
Process Timeline:
01 – 07 days

Submission Timeline:
Monday to Friday –� 9.00 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.
Holidays – Public & Mercantile
Samurdhi development Officer – Monday 9.00 – 4.00

Validity Timeline:
�3 months from the incident date

Costs Related to Service
No Cost

Support Documents Required
1.�� �Birth
•�� �Birth certificate of the child� / baby card
•�� �Baby card / Child nutrition development

2.�� �Marriage
•�� �Marriage certificate
•�� �Birth certificate

3.�� �Death
•�� �Death certificate
•�� �If death certificate cannot be produced, a certification of death from the Grama Niladari or Samurdhi Development Officer should be submitted.
•�� �If the death occurs the Grama Niladari should certify that the funeral activities were carried out in the beneficiary’s house.

4.�� �Hospitalization
•�� �Doctor prescription / doctors seal

Service Responsibility Matrix

Designation of person���������������� Name of person������� Name of Division
Divisional Secretary�������������������� Respective�������������� Divisional secretariat
Samurdhi Development Officer���� Respective�������������� Divisional Secratariat

Special Cases
No Special Cases Involved.

Organization Information

Department of the Commissioner General of Samurdhi

No 17,
Barnce Place,
Colombo 07

Telephones:+94-11 - 2693993, +94-11-2673886
Fax Nos:+94-11 - 2691017, +94-11-2673775 ,

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