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Samurdhi Lottery Draw

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Samurdhi Authority handles a lottery draw every 6 months and rewards the Samurdhi beneficiaries as assistance to build their own houses. 1236 winners are selected every 6 months. Prize money of Rs. 150,000/= each is given to the winners
The Lottery Draw is handled by a computerized system which is developed based on the details of all Samurdhi Beneficiaries.

• Must be a Samurdhi Beneficiary
• The winner should not have his / her own house

Note: if the winner has a completely developed house he / she might be able to obtain the reward for some other activities such as a self employment based on the Divisional Secretary’s approval

Submission Procedure
• The Samurdhi Beneficiaries do not have to apply or enroll for the Lottery draw
• All Samurdhi beneficiaries who receive, Samurdhi stamps are included in the draw.
• Every Samurdhi beneficiary is provided a Lottery card.

The Cost of the lottery is charged on the Samurdhi stamp issued to the beneficiary

Application forms
There is no need of an application form since the Samurdhi Beneficiary is automatically included in the Lottery Draw

Step by Step Procedure
Step 1: Samurdhi Authority maintains a database which contains all details of Samurdhi Beneficiaries.
Note: The Authority revises and updates the information every 6 months
Step 2: The Authority handles the lottery draw every 6 months and selects 1236 winners Island wide.
Step 3: Once the winners are selected the Authority prepares a list of winners and sends it to the respective Divisional Secretariats for approval.
Step 4: The respective district level Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner carries out a field visit based on the list of winners which is received by the respective Divisional Secretariat and sends the decision to the respective Divisional Secretariat
Step 5: The each respective Divisional Secretariat prepares a confirmed list of winners and sends it to the Authority.
Step 6: The Authority prepares and sends cheques to the Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner via the respective Divisional Secretariat.
Step 8: The respective Divisional Secretariat informs the winner by post to collects the cheque from the respective Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner.
Step 7: The winners have to visit and obtain cheques from the respective district level Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner and cash it from Samurdhi Bank

Note 1: The winner should prove his / her identity to obtain the cheque with providing Lottery Card which is given by the Authority.
Note 2: The respective Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner does not approve the eligibility of the winner for obtaining the reward, the winner will be disqualified. Then the Divisional Secretariat removes the name of the rejected winner from the list.

Process Time Line
Collection of details of Samurdhi Beneficiaries and update Database : 4 months
Lottery Draw is handled every 6 months
Cheque will be issued by the Samurdhi Authority as soon as the confirmation is received from the respective Divisional Secretariat

Submission Time Line
Not applicable

Validity Time Line
Not applicable

Costs related to the service
This service is being provided free of charge

Support Documents required
• The winner should provide the Lottery Card to obtain the reward from the respective district level Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner.

Service Responsibility Matrix

Name of Person Designation of person Name of Section
Mr. P R Bandara Director Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Mr. M A Hiran Prasanna System Analyst Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  Divisional Secretary Respective Divisional Secretariat
  Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner Respective District


Special Cases
• If the winner has expired
Relatives of the winner should inform the respective divisional Secretariat with providing Death certificate as a proof of death. Then the respective Divisional Secretary will decide the most suitable person (the closest relative of the winner) to obtain the reward on behalf of the winner.

• If the winner has a completely developed house
The winner might be able to obtain the reward for some other activities such as a self employment based on the respective Divisional Secretary’s approval. In such situation the divisional secretary will carries out a field visit and make a decision.
Afterwards the decision of the Divisional Secretariat is approved by the Samurdhi Housing Development board of the Authority.

• If the winner has lost his / her Lottery card
The winner should visit and inform the Samurdhi Section of the respective Divisional Secretariat with providing the National Identity Card.
Afterwards the respective Divisional Secretariat checks the information of Samurdhi beneficiaries and issues a new lottery card.

Organization Information

Department of Divinaguma Development

4th Floor, Sethsiripaya,

Mr.M.A.Hiran Prasanna
Fax Nos:+94-11-2889002
Website: -

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