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Obtain of Long Term Lease Bonds for Residential Purpose

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  • Being in receipt of a long term lease bond for residential purpose and having constructed house on the land and residing there.
  • Having paid the lease amount appropriately

Method of Submitting Application: Submitting written application to divisional secretary/provincial land commissioner/ land commissioner general

Places Where Application Form Could be Obtained: There is no special application form. You can submit application prepared by yourself in the form of a letter.

Payment for Application: No fees is charged

Time to Submit Application: On any weekday during officers excepting govt holidays

Fees Paying to Obtain This Service:

  • No service charge is levied
  • The undeveloped value of the land of the year of handing over the land should have been paid infull. In addition, the the once and for all payment due when the long term lease commences should be paid.

Period Taken to Provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service): Minimum 6 months

Necessary Supporting Documents

  • Letter of application
  • The issued long term lease bond
  • Receipt for payment of lease amount

Exceptions, Instances not Included Above and Special Information: Irrelevant

Application Form: None

Completed Specimen Application Form: Irrelevant

Organization Information

Department of Land Commissioner General

Mihikatha Medura,
Rajamalwatththa Road,

Mr. N.A.B.M. nilawaka Arachchi
Fax Nos:0112-864051

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