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Education section of the National Zoological gardens

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Functions of the section
1.Conducting lectures – Snakes, Mammals, Butterflies, Elephants etc.

2.Guided Tours


4.Arrange educational exhibitions

How to get the service

Written permission should be taken from the Director

Chargers (per each / day)

Lectures (1 to 2 hrs)   -  Rs.   2000. 00 (for B. Sc. Graduates)
Exhibition                  -   Rs.   2000. 00
Guided Tours             -  Rs.   300.00
Animal keeper            -  Rs .1500.00

Other Information
•    Books published by the zoo – about snakes, endemic birds, endemic fish and many more – from souvenir shop
•    Posters, Zoo CD / VCD, gifts, T- shirts etc

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