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Enrollment of Students for the Courses of Colleges of Technology/Technical Colleges

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The courses conduct in Colleges of Technology/Technical Colleges, relevant educational qualifications are mentioned below, and these courses are categorized as per the minimum educational qualifications required for enrollment of the courses. Those courses will described under following categories.

  • Engineering Technician Courses (Full time/Part time)
  • Engineering Craft Courses (Full time/Part time)
  • Business Studies Courses (Full time/Part time)
  • General Studies Courses (Full time/Part time)
  1. Courses for students who passed the G.C.E.(O/L) examination in 6(six) subjects with 4(four) credits
  2. Courses for students who passed G.C.E.(O/L) examination in 6(six) subjects including Medium Language and Mathematics
  3. Courses for students who passed 4(four) subjects in G.C.E.(O/L) examination
  4. Courses for students who completed year 10
  5. Courses for students who passed year 09
  6. National Vocational Qualification (Level 5&6) courses conduct in Colleges of Technology.

Student Enrollment Procedure

  1. The academic year of every year will commence in July/August and close in June in following year..
  2. Particulars of courses and Technical Colleges which conduct those courses will publish by the Government Gazette Notification in May/June of every year. The application on form, as per the specimen application therein, should be sent under the registered cover to reach the principal of the relevant Technical College before the dead line mentioned.
  3. Should send separate applications for each course applied for considering the preference.
  4. Applicant will be selected on the results of the aptitude test and/or an interview.
  5. Further details regarding a students admission can be obtained from the Carrier Guidance centre of the nearest Technical College. Applicants can be registered for enter the courses, accordance with the qualifications, at any occations (Telephone number of Carrier Guidance centres of Technical Colleges are mentioned in page No. 33 & 34)

Course Fees

  • No fees will be charged for fulltime courses. But fees will be charged as follows from the students who follow the part time/evening courses.
  • Rs. 2000.00 per annum for part time/evening courses of more than one year.
  • Rs. 1500.00 per annum for part time/evening courses of one year or less short term courses.

Benefits for Trainees, within the Training Period

  • Allowance of Rs. 20.00 per day (only for full time day courses (subject to maximum Rs. 450.00 per month).
  • Annual bursary of Rs. 2500.00 for lower income students.
  • Have opportunity to applying for a Diploma, Higher Diploma and Technology Degree through the obtaining of certificate of National Vocational Qualification.
  • Able to follow the courses under Competency Based Training (CBT).
  • CTB season tickets on concessionary amount.
  • Obtaining carrier Guidance services and professional English knowledge.
  • Obtaining entrepreneurship training.
  • Obtaining Vocational Compentencies.

Benefits for Trained Persons After Obtained Training

  • Further training in public and private institutions.
  • Direct to foreign employment.
  • Direct to self employment.
  • Direct to entrepreneurship training which required for commence the small and medium scale businesses with loan facilities.
  • Business counseling services.
  • Direct to private sector employment.

Organization Information

Department of Technical Education & Training

P.O.Box 557,
Olcott Mawatha,
Colombo 10.

Mr. H.K.N. Thusharika
Telephones:+94 112 421 580
Fax Nos:+94 112 449 136

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