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Obtain registration for Kalayatana (Art Schools)

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For the registration of private Kalayatanas (Art School) in Cultural Department Column 5 of New constitution requires the following conditions to be eligible for the continuation of Kalayatanas.
1.The person who conducts the Kalayatanas should possess the requirements embodied there.
2.Board of Trustee well versed in his sphere of activity can be utilized either by one person or by a Board of other enthusiastic
3.Students not less than 20 must comprise the Training class and they must maintain good daily attendance.
4.Under column 2 of the constitution, institution not belonging to the government can conduct these classes after registration, provided the study curriculum possesses at least one of the items, in the course of study is included as per column 2 of constitution.
Requirements and conditions necessary for Registration
a.In the registration process, the Kalayatanas are classified as under according to the New constitution.
Up-country Dance Kalayatanas
Low-country Dance Kalayatana
Sabaragamuwa Dance Kalayatana
Music Kalayatana
Ballet/Children Drama/Drama Kalayatana
Kolam Dance Kalayatana
Nadagam Kalayatana
Puppetry Art Kalayatana
Indian Dance Kalayatana
Arts and Sculpture Kalayatana
Angampora Kalayatana

b.Kalayatana office should be situated in close proximity to the place of study in a house or building, depicting the name board and should contain the requested equipments of instruments relevant to the course of study (whenever a private building/State building or any other institution remain empty, such places can be utilized to conduct Kalayatana, with the approval and consent of the owner of Head of the Institution concerned)
c.Kalayatana Hall must be placed or situated a distance away from the households or neighbours to avoid disturbance and noise.
d.This situated in the constitution, each Kalayatana should possess at least the minimum number of equipments or musical instruments deemed necessary to conduct the relevant course of study.
e.Availability of office equipments as stated in the constitution.
f.At last one teacher well-qualified in the relevant sphere of study – should be available for the Kalayatana so registered according to the categories mentioned in the Constitution.
g.The Principal of the Kalayatanaya seeking registration under column 2 of the Constitution – should possess the final year pass in the University as Kalayathanadhipathy or a certificate to show the validity as a versatile artiste well-versed in the study of Kalayatana course of training and the history of teaching profession and the possibility of submitting a certificate of two year raining in the relevant field.
h.To conduct 10 hours training class for a week within two days spending at least 5 hours a day for two days complete. (Kalayatanaya as one not allowed to grant long leave for occasions like New year, Religious Festivals or cultivation activities.
i.Before the submission of application for registration - you must have conducted class at least for an year uninterrupted.

The application form perfected by the Principal of the Kalayatanaya should be forwarded to the Director of Cultural Affairs with the recommendation of Grama Seva Niladhari of the area, Divisional Cultural Officer or Cultural Development Assistants.
Applications can be obtained from the Department of Cultural Affairs and the relevant Divisional Secretariats.
No fee will be charged for application.
Application can be submitted within office hours on any period of the year.
No charges levied for services rendered.
Occupation will be granted within one day if the necessary documents and other eligibilities are fulfilled.
01.If the Kalayatana is conducted in a building owned by another, owner’s letter giving his consent for the continuation of this class must be forwarded for perusal
02.Certified copy to prove the validity of the Teaching Staff – as to this proficiency in the particular sphere of training.
Director of Cultural Affairs, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs and the Assistant Director of Cultural Affairs will as Staff officers.
Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs will notify the subjects re.. for the categorized Kalayatanas (School of Art) Students who got trained in relevant subjects of activities will be given a proficiency test in that activity every year.Test will be conducted in both theory and practical.

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