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National Transport Commission

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The National Transport Commission was set up under the NTC Act No 37 of 1991.

The functions of the commission are to advise the Government on the national policy relating to passenger transport services by omnibuses, and having regard to such policy:

  • to monitor the availability of omnibus services of an acceptable quality to meet the passenger transport needs of the public and to determine the minimum levels at which such services shall be maintained;
  • to specify the conditions subject to which an Authorized Person may issue or renew a passenger service permit or other authority authorizing the use of an omnibus for the carriage of passengers at separate fares;
  • to monitor and enforce subject to the provisions of any written law, the compliance by permit holders with the conditions of passenger service permits issued to them under this Act or by Authorized Persons;
  • to prescribe the form in which passenger service permits may be issued by an Authorized Person;
  • to determined the rates to be charged for the issue or renewal of passenger service permits by an Authorized Person;
  • to specify the documents relating to vehicle fitness, passenger carrying capacity and driver fitness and other evidence that shall be produced to an Authorized Person by an applicant for a passenger service permit;
  • to require holders of passenger service permits issued by an Authorized Person to furnish to the Commission such returns and information as may be necessary for the Commission to exercise and discharge its powers and functions under this Act;
  • to lilies with Government Departments, institutions and Authorized Persons, in respect of omnibus services required by such Departments, and Institutions including-
  1. carriage of a mail; and
  2. the provision of school services on concessionary rates, for school children and for students of Universities, Technical Institutions and other similar Institution
  • to grant passenger service permits for omnibus services in the specified area;
  • to ensure the provision of omnibus services on un-remunerative routes, by entering, after the consideration of competing bids, into contracts with persons for the provision of those services and where necessary, providing financial support to persons providing such services and to specify the fares that may be charged by such persons having regard to the nature of the services provided;
  • to enter into agreements with any person for the provision of inter-provincial omnibus services and to issue passenger carriage permits in respect thereof;
  • to provide managerial expertise and assistance to Authorized Persons, and any other assistance or advise that may be required by Authorized Persons for the proper discharge of their functions relating to the provision of omnibus services;
  • to arrange for the carriage of goods on omnibuses.


Provincial Passenger Transport Authorities Contact Telephone numbers

Head Office

National Transport Commission
No. 241,
Park Road,
Colombo – 05.

Tel. : 011-2595555 / 0112587372 /1955
Fax :011-2503725
E-mail :


TELE NO :- 011 3158861

FAX NO :- 011 2081090

Organization Information

Ministry of Transport and Highways

7th Floor,
Stage II,

Telephones:0112 187 200 / 0112 187 201
Fax Nos:0112 865 093 / 0112 187 226

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