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picturePostal Service
Action to be Taken in case of Loss of a Money Order (Local)
Books or Magazines Imported is Bulk From Other Countries
Bulk Postal Facilities Under the Bulk Post Numbers
Business Postal Facilities
Dispatch of a Foreign Parcel
Dispatch of Letters, Printed Matter, Post Card, Small Packets and Express Letters
Dispatch of Local Telegrams
Dispatch of Telegraph Money Order
Foreign Money Orders and British Postal Orders Service
Handing Over of Letters and Other Postal Articles to be Sent Through Express Post
Inquiries Relating to Registered Articles
Money Order
Obtain of a Fax Money Order
Obtaining a Certified Copy of the Delivery Receipt of the Registered Article
Obtaining a Post Office Box Number
Obtaining the Business Reply Covers and Card Service
Ordinary Money Order
Re-validating of a Lapsed Money Order
Receipt of Letters, Small Packets and Express Letters Sent by Air Mail and Sea Mail
Sending Foreign Telegrams
Value Payable Post
Withdrawal of a Letter Already Posted

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