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Hiring of Reception Halls

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Pradeepa Halls at Gunasinghepura, Modara and Maligawatta are hired for rent to public for
Weddings, other Occasions and exhibitions and Conferences . ( Halls are not Hired for Funerals).

Procedure of Obtaining Applications

From where to Obtain Applications
Applications can be obtained from the NHDA Colombo City North Office at Maligawatta.   On paying money after Handing over the completed Application,Relevant Hall can be Allocated for the specific day and time if not already Allocated.

Fees Payable to Obtain Applications:
Applications are provided free of charge.

When to Submit Application: From 8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Fees Payable to Obtain Service
: Relevant format attached.

Duration to Provide Service (Normal and Prime services)
Within 15 minutes.

Documents Required in Proof
The person who wants to allocate the Hall should be present and he has to submit his Identity Card.


For Four(04) Hours or part of it for Weddings (Day time)
Pradeepa Hall (Large) - Maligawatta - Rs.28,000.00
Pradeepa Hall (Small) - Maligawatta - Rs.12,000.00
Pradeepa Hall Gunasinghepura - Rs.17,500.00
Pradeepa Hall Modara - Rs.16,500.00
For Four(04) Hours or part of it for Weddings (During night)
Pradeepa Hall (Large) - Maligawatta - Rs.30,000.00
Pradeepa Hall (Small) - Maligawatta - Rs.14,000.00
Pradeepa Hall – Gunasinghepura - Rs.22,000.00
Pradeepa Hall – Modara - Rs.22,5000.00
For Four(04) Hours or part of it for Dramas/Concerts
School Show (Day time) - Rs.4,000.00
Other Occasions than School Show - Rs.10,000.00
For Two Shows on the Same Day - Rs.16,500.00
If it is During the night, Addition Rs 2000/- will be charged
For Eight(08) hours of part of it for Conference/exhibition - Rs.9,000.00
Religious Festivals
For Three hours or part of it during day time - Rs.5,500.00
During Night - Rs.7,000.00
Film Shows
For Three Hours if Tickets are sold - Rs.13,500.00
For Three Hours if Tickets are not sold - Rs.7,000.00
For Additional Hours for all Pradeepa Halls
For Additional hour (only for 1st two hours ) - Rs.1,000.00
For Third and each Additional hour Beyond - Rs.2,000.00

For Above Allocations,An Amount of Rs 3,000/- should be paid as security Deposit and all payments must be made in cash.
No Generators are supplied for Gunasinghepura and Modara Pradeepa Halls and that Facility must be Arranged by the Allottees.
Generators are supplied for Maligawatta Pradeepa Hall at a rate of Rs 500/- per hour.
VAT for Wedding is 20% and for other Occations it is 12%.

Officers Incharge :

Designtion Name Address Contact No fax Email
Snr. Manager Mr. S.D.N. Jayalath Colombo City North Office,
Parisara Mawatha, Maligawatta,
Colombo 10
0112445546 0112435146

Organization Information

National Housing Development Authority

P.O. Box 1826,
Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,
Colombo 02.

Telephones:+94-11-2421606/ +94-112-430410/ +94-112-431707/ +94-112-431722/ +94-112-421748
Fax Nos:(94)-11-2449622

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