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Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

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  • Project for the Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Drug Addicts

    Rehabilitation and social integration of persons addicted to drugs and honing their vocational skills are the key objectives of this programme. When drugs addicts who are in a state of despondency due to their dependency on psychoactive substances such as heroin, cannabis, Kerala ganja, alcohol and amphetamines are made to undergo a rehabilitation process which mainly includes psychiatric and psychological counselling and medical treatment. During the process, yoga meditation and religious programmes are conducted for the spiritual development of persons undergoing rehabilitation. In addition, they are provided hostel facilities, food and medical assistance free of charge during this period. Residential rehabilitation programme also includes a training programme for the development of vocational skills required for the development of livelihood avenues of the persons being rehabilitated.


    • Rehabilitation of drug addicted persons, improving their vocational skills and social integration.
    • Making interventions to minimize strained relationship with and among family members due to drug dependency.
    • Building relationships with the relevant parties to restore employment and educational activities disrupted due to drug addiction.
    • Conducting awareness programmes on drug abuse for vulnerable groups.

Organization Information

Department of Social Services

2nd Floor,
Sethsiripaya Stage II,

Mr. N.G.P.G. Samarawikrama
Fax Nos:0112186276

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Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

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