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Visually Handicapped Trust Fund

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The objective of this Trust Fund is to provide the services required by the visually handicapped persons, rehabilitate and provision of relief to them. With the declaration of year 1981 as the International Year of Disabled Persons, there was a new awakening in the attitudes of the people vis-à-vis the needs of persons with disabilities. Accordingly, the Parliament of Sri Lanka adopted an Act titled Rehabilitation of the Visually Handicapped Trust Fund and published same in the government gazette. In keeping with the objects of the said Act, a host of activities has been launched for the welfare of visually handicapped persons in Sri Lanka.


  • Provision of assistance to maintain and develop sports activities.
  • Provision of financial assistance to visually impaired undergraduates.
  • Provision of financial assistance to visually impaired G.C.E. Advance Level students.
  • Provision of eye lenses to low income persons.
  • Assistance for the treatment of diseases or medical conditions of eyes.
  • Bearing expenses to meet the objects of the fund as per requirements.
  • Paying consultation fees to provide training on mobility and orientation.
  • Provision of educational and vocational training facilities for the visually handicapped.
  • Creating employment opportunities for the visually handicapped and providing financial support and guidance for self-employment when necessary.
  • Celebrating International White Cane Day at national level (October 15).
  • Implement rehabilitation programmes for visually impaired persons.
  • Granting scholarships to visually handicapped children pursuing school education from Grade 1 up to G.C.E. (Ordinary Level).
  • Granting Louis Braille scholarships (for school going children of visually handicapped low income parents).
  • Maintaining welfare canter for visually impaired women.
  • Granting aid for various rehabilitation projects being implemented for visually handicapped persons.

Organization Information

Department of Social Services

2nd Floor,
Sethsiripaya Stage II,

Mr. N.G.P.G. Samarawikrama
Fax Nos:0112186276

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