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Books or Magazines Imported is Bulk From Other Countries

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Sri Lanka citizens as well as any foreigner who has come to this county may claim this service.

Process of Submitting Applications
No prescribed form. However when the parcels are received at the Foreign goods Division, this division will send a notice to the addressee by registered post.

Places From Where Applications can be Obtained

No prescribed form.

Fees Payable for Obtaining Application Forms: No fee is charged.

Time for Submission of Application
From 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon within 5 working days from the day following the date of issue of the notification.

Fees Payable for Obtaining the Service
Postage of Rs. 50.00 per foreign stock bag, customs duty if any, and if the date mentioned in the notification has passed warehouse charges at the rate of Rs. 25.00 per day per bag will be charged.

Time Taken for Providing the Service (Ordinary service and priority service)
Within about 15 minutes from the time of handing over of the notification to this place by the addressee on receipt of the notification by

Supporting Documents Required

  1. Original of the notification sent to the addressee.
  2. Identity Card issued by the Department for Registration of Persons, the Passport and the Postal Identity Card.

Staff Officers in charge of the Service

Designation Name Division Telephone No. Fax E-mail
Asst. Supdt. (Foreign Mail) M.H.M.Aslam Foreign Mail +94-112-440668 - -

Exceptions or Instances Outside the Above Requirements and Special Information
Goods are handed over to a person authorized by the addressee. Form of authority is to be given in form A in the lower portion of the notification.
If the person is unable to come to this division personally, he can make arrangements to get the parcel to a main Post Office in any part of Sri Lanka, nearest to his place of stay.
Postal bags sent to addressees close to Kandy and Galle will be sent to the Post Offices of such places where customs clearance divisions are located.

Specimen Form of Application
Form 01 - Notification to be sent to the addressee of the postal bag.
Form 02 - Notification to be sent to the Post Office at Kandy.
(Central Province) and Galle (Southern Province)
Form 03 - Form A through which the parcel can be mailed to the nearest Post Office when the addressee is unable to come to this office to take its delivery.
Form 04 - If the parcel is to be mailed to the point of destination form mentioned in No.03 will also be sent.
Form 05 - If customs duties have been fixed, the pink form No.4 is to be annexed.

Organization Information

Department of Posts

Postal Head Quarters,
D. R. Wijewardana Mawatha,
Colombo 01.

Telephones:+94 0112328301-3
Fax Nos:+94-112-44 0555

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