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Current Accounts (Demand Deposit)of Bank of Ceylon

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Individual A/c

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sri Lankans over 18 years of age
  • Foreigners who processes valid visa over 6 months

Required Documents

  1. National Identity Card/passport or Any other documentary Evidence for identification
  2. Duly completed Mandate(Application Form)
  3. Signature Card
  4. Initial Deposit

Time Duration for opening of the A/c

  • 10 Minutes approx.

Joint Current A/c

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sri Lankan over 18 years of age

Required Documents

  1. National Identity Card or Any other documentary evidence for identification
  2. Duly completed Mandate(Application Form)
  3. Signature Card
  4. Initial Deposit

Time Duration for opening of the A/c

  • 10 Minutes approx.

Limited Liabilities Company

Eligibility Criteria

  • Duly Registered Companies in Sri Lanka

Required Documents

1. certificate of incorporation
2. Certificate of commence business
3. Copy of mandate and artical of association
4. Signature card
5. Mandate form
6. Inicial deposit
7. Copy of the resolution to open account by the Board of Director
8. A list of Director of the company

Time Duration for opening of the A/c

  • 20 Minutes approx.

Club and Societies

Eligibility Criteria

  • Office bearers of the societies over 18 years of age

Required Documents

Time Duration for opening of the A/c

1. Certified copy of Rules & Regulations (Constitution) of Society, Club, Association or Union.

Note . The instructions given regarding persoms authorised to operate on the account should be in terms of the constitution.
2.Certified extract of the minutes of the General Meeting at which the office bearers were elected.

3. Certified extract of the minutes of the meeting at which the persons who are to operate on the account were nominated.
4. In the case of Trade Unions, Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Trade Unions.

1.Special note should be made on the ledger sheet/computer screen that no overdrafts should be granted (Exceptional cases - Refer AGM)
2.Change of Office Bearers of Trade Unions should be confirmed by the registrar of Trade Unions (no withdrawals until such confirmations is obtained)

Accounts of Co-operative Societies-
Letter from the Provincial commissioner for Co-operative Societies giving theregistered number of the society and authnorising theopening of the acco9unt.? Documents applicable to Societies

  • 20 Minutes approx.

Prestige Plus A/c

Eligibility Criteria

  • Professionals who earned a monthly income over Rs 40,000/= per month and 18 years of age

Required Documents

  1. Documentary evidence for employment,professional qualification,Membership No of the Professional Body
    Signature card

Lawyers' Accounts -
i The account should be in the name o0f the lawyer and the title should include the words "clients' Account"
ii The Bank does not have the right of set off against the balances in clients accounts

Accounts Operated by an Attorney -
i These accounts are to be titled in the name of the principal and the words "Operated by ...? Attorney for ....? "? should appear under it.
ii It is preferable that the person introducing the account and witnessing the signature card be the person granting the powers.
iii The attorney should be identified by the lawyer attesting the document granting the powers.
iv The original power of attorney instrument, a certified copy of which should be taken and kept in the mandate file.
v The attorney should be informed to make it clear that he signs in a fiduciary capacity when he signs cheques on the account.

Trust Accounts -
i An account for a trust may be opened only with the approval of the province Assistant General Manager.
ii Inquiry should be made to establish the nature of the Trust.? Copies of Trust Deed, will or other governing documents, if any, must be produced and certified copies obtained and filed.

Non Resident Sri Lankans, Resident & Non Resident Non Nationals & Companies Registered Outside? Sri Lanka.

The undermentioned types of accounts may be opened by Non-Resident Sri Lanka Nationals and by Non Nationals whether resident or non-resident.? These accounts should be opened and maintained on terms and conditions laid down by the executive committee department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for the conduct of such accounts.

i Resident guest rupee Current Accounts (RGRCA) may be opened by Foreign Investors and Professionals.
ii Share Invesment External rupee Accounts (SIERA) may be opened by:
a) Country/Regional funds approved by the Ministry of Finance or Non National Companies.
b)Non Nationals resident in Sri Lanka or outside Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Nationals resident outside Sri Lanka.
iii Non Resident Rupee Accounts (NRRA) by
a) Non Nationals resident outside Sri Lanka
b) Firms and Companies registered outside? Sri Lanka
iv Temparary Accounts may be opened by Non-National visitors to Sri Lanka
v External Accounts by Foreign Diplomatic Missions (Official Accounts) and by Non-Nationals attached to them (personal accounts)

Time Duration for opening of the A/c

  • 20 Minutes appro
  • ether money can be withdrawn/cheques and cash deposited to an account at a branch other than the branch whose account is maintained.
    Can be withdrawn/cheques or cash deposited at any branch of the bank since all branches are inter-linked through computer network.

Effect of "Account Payee only" crossing
Proceeds of the cheques can be collected only to the payee's account

Effect of "Not negotiable" crossing
Cheque can be negotiated/collected to a third party until notice of defect in previous owner's title to the cheque.

Validity period of a cheque
A cheque is valid for a period? of6 months if validity period is not printed on the cheques.


Lost of pass book
Inform the Branch in writing
obtain relevant formats, complete and return tothe branch to open a new account.

Withdrawal from Savings Account in the event of account holder is hospitalized-
Signature of the withdrawal must be certified by the Doctor.

Opening of account to blind person
Can be opened jointly with a close relative.

Organization Information

Bank of Ceylon

No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha

Bank of Ceylon Square
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

Mrs. L.K Gamage
Telephones:+94-11-2203333 / +94-11-2446790 / +94-11- 2445815 / +94-11- 2544333
Fax Nos:+94-11-2321160

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