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Obtain Loans for Agri Businesses From Bank of Ceylon

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“Kapruka” Loan Scheme
A loan scheme to promote Coconut Development in collaboration with Coconut Cultivation Board.

  • Be an account holder of the Bank
  • Not be a defaulter of the Bank or any other financial institutions.
  • Be able to bring 25% of the project cost.


  • Two other borrowers or Guarantee of two persons accepted to the Bank
  • Any other security acceptable to the Bank.

Documents Required

  1. Loan application
  2. Non vesting certificate, Street lines, Deed and ownership certificate, if property mortgaged.
  3. Farm plan, Estimated project cost and Loan Release Register issued by Coconut Cultivation Board.

Krushi Nawodaya – Credit Programme
Providing loans for Agriculture, Organic agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery and Industries in this nature.

  • Be an account holder of the Bank
  • Not be a defaulter to the Bank or to any other institutions
  • Be able to bring at least 25%. project cost


  • Inter-se guarantee of two borrowers or
  • Personal guarantee of two persons acceptable to the Bank or
  • Any other security acceptable to the Bank


  1. Personal loan application
  2. Guarantors' Statements

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