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Obtaining Micro Data Files

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Micro data files of the department are issued to the members of the public and private sector organizations, university students for explorations/ research purposes. Micro data files are issued in accordance with the policy relating to the issue of the micro data files of the department. Annex 01 - Statement of policy of releasing micro data files.

Eligibility Fulfilled to Obtain Micro Data Files
Should be an officer of a government institution
Should be a person in the academic staff of a governments recognized university or an educational institute.
Should be a student of a government recognized university or an educational institute.
Should be an officer of selected international institute.

Process of Submitting Applications
To obtain micro data files the following documents with three photo copies should be forwarded to the information unit of this departments situated at Rotunda Tower,109,Galle Road,Colombo 03..

  • The relevant statement of agreement filled correctly for releasing the micro data files
  • Detailed project proposal.
  • Recommendation letter from the head of the organization.

Places from where Applications can be Obtained
By requesting to E-mail address of or by visiting information unit of our department situated at Rotunda Tower,109,Galle Road,Colombo 03.. No charge is make for obtaining application forms or data files.

Time for Submitting Applications
From 8:30 am to 4:15 pm - during working days of the week.

Time Needed to Provide the Service and Other Information
After submitting the applications, the data files can be obtained within about a week. Percentage of the micro data files to be issued at the start will be decided by the department. (Mostly 25% ) subsequently if it is necessary to obtain a data file in full, a copy of the project report prepared using the original percentage and the letter of the Director General of Census and Statistics department by which the issue of the original percentage was approved should be sent.

Staff Officers in Charge of the Service

Designation Name Division Address Tel No. E-mail
Statistician Mr. H.W.M. Jayaweera Data Dissemination Unit

5th Floor,
Rotunda Tower, 109, Galle Road, Colombo 03


Organization Information

Department of Census and Statistics


Polduwa Road


Telephones:+94 11 2147 000
Fax Nos:+94 11 2147 011

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