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Obtain a Lease

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Lak Saviya Lease
“Lak Saviya Leasing” facility is for entrepreneurs and professionals to acquire conveniently the required plant, machinery, project vehicles and equipment which are essential for their business and professional activities.

Bank will give preference to lease the assets utilized in the priority sectors such as Agriculture, Industry, Tourism and the Construction industry.
Lease facilitities will not be available for consumer durables and related items.

Asset types and the maximum period of leasing

Types of Asset Maximum Lease period
Brand New Reconditioned
Off road vehicles 05 Years NA 04 Years
Plant & Machinery 05 Years NA 04 Years
Equipments (Including Electronic Equipments) 03 Years NA NA
Three wheelers- Brand new only
(applicable only to rural areas)
04 Years NA NA
Transport Lorries
05 Years 04 Years NA
Transport Buses
(applicable only to rural areas)
05 Years 04 Years NA
Vehicles/ Vans for the transport of raw materials/
produce and for delivery purposes/ freezer trucks
05 Years 04 Years NA


*Conditions apply

Foreign Exchange Loans – Not Available

Import / Export Loans
LC Facilities can be arranged through Bank of Ceylon for the Project Loan customers.

Other Credit Facilities
Issue of Bank Guarantees for the existing customers. (Credit Guarantees, Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Guarantees and Performance Bonds).

Organization Information

Lankaputhra Development Bank

No 80,
Nawala road,

Mr. Sumeda Edirisuriya
Telephones:011 2821030 / 011 2821035
Fax Nos:011 2821031

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