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Complaints on violation of the Act

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Any person who has information or evidence about any other person -

- In any place or area, by any means whatsoever, with direct or indirect, makes any false, incorrect or untrue declaration or statement as to the number, quantity, measure, gauge or weight of any goods or things in connection with their purchase, sale, weighing or measurement or in the computation of any charges for services rendered on the basis of weight or measure, or who sells, or causes to be sold or delivers or causes to be delivered to a purchaser anything by weight or measure short of the quantity demanded of or represented by the seller.

-Who uses for the purpose of any trade or has in possession for use in any trade, any weight or measure or weighing or measuring instrument which is not correct.

-May apply for this service as mentioned below

1. Inform Department

-The public can make complaints by letter, phone (0112588914), fax (0112597758) or visit the Director of the Department or an agent of the Government

Working Days
Monday to Friday

Working Hours
8.30 am to 4.15 pm

2. Support Documents required

Not required.

Application Forms
Not applicable

Step-by-Step Procedure (Handling complaints made by the public)

Step 1: Public makes complaints via letter, phone, fax or visit the Director of the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department

Step 2: If the complaint is made to the Department, the Director forwards the complaint to the Asst. Superintendent.

Step 3: The Asst. Superintendent then informs the Government Agent at the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Division in the respective District Secretariat.

Step 4: The Government Agent informs the Officer in Charge of the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Division

Step 5: The OIC and the Inspector make a field visit and send a report to the Department.

Step 6: If persons mentioned in the complaint made by the public are found guilty, the Government Agent forwards the matter to courts

Note 1: A complaint could also be made direct to the Government Agent at the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Division in the respective District Secretariat who would inform the Officer in Charge.

Note 2: If the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department knows the complainant’s name, he will be informed of the final result.

Time line

Process Time Line

1 - 4 weeks

Submission Time Line

Submission of the Request Letter:
Working days – Monday - Friday
Counter open hours – 9.00 am to 4.45 pm
Holidays – All Public and Mercantile Holidays

Validity Time Line
Not applicable for this service.

Costs related to the service

There are no costs involved in this service.

No fee is charged

Not applicable.

Support documents required

Support Documents are not necessary for this particular service. Citizens complaining are encouraged to provide evidence and information whenever possible.

Organization Information

Department of Measurement Units, Standards and Services


Mr. R.G.S.A. Perera
Fax Nos:+94-11-2182259

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