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Inform about prepackaging items

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It is the duty of any person who is a packer or an importer of any specified packaged goods to ensure that such package is marked in the prescribed manner with -

(a) A statement of quantity contained in authorized units either of weight or of volume or of length and

(b) His/her name and address or a mark which enables his name and address to be readily ascertained by an inspector

Therefore, the public must be aware that if any specified packaged goods mentioned below contain less than the quantity as indicated in the statement on the package or do not have a mark in authorized units on any package, the quantity it contains, then the public in entitled to inform the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department.

The list of specified items is as follows

Cereal, Cereal flour, Products of Cereal flour, Biscuits, Seeds, Seed Powder, Products of Seed Flour, Sugar, Glucose, Meat, Meat Products, Fish, Fish Products, Sea foods, Products of Sea Foods, Cooking Oil, coffee seeds, Coffee Powder, Chocolate, Chutney, Pickle, Sauce, Milk, Milk Products, Mushroom, Infant Foods, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas), Petroleum Products, Agro Chemicals, Ice Cream, Spices, Building Materials, Paints, Varnish and Liquids used for dilution, Indoor Detergents, Fruits, fruit products, Food Preservatives, Extract natural yeast products, soap, Washing powder, Shoe polish, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Drinking Water, Distilled Water, Cosmetics, Electrical Goods, Printing Ink and Lubricants, Stationery and Books, Battery Acids, Salt, Non Alcoholic Beverages, Alcohol, Food Essences and Coloring, Pharmaceutical Products, Insecticides, fungicides, Weedicides, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Cleaning agents, Ribbon, Tapes, Elastic Tapes, Adhesive Tapes, Sewing Thread, Table Cloth, Bed Spreads, Towels, Sarees, Wood, Boxes of Matches, Candles, Crackers, Software diskettes for computers, Vegetables, Products of vegetable, Pins, Clips, staplers, Pepper, Chili, Chili powder, Coconut products, Dhal, Onion, Garlic, Rice, Potato, Potato products.

Organization Information

Department of Measurement Units, Standards and Services


Mr. R.G.S.A. Perera
Fax Nos:+94-11-2182259

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