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Accreditation of TVET courses

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Accreditation of TVET courses
Vocational Education and Training courses conducted by registered institutes to be accredited against National Competency Standards (NCS), which is developed according to the industry requirements and labour market trends. TVEC is the accrediting body, which has set criteria for course accreditation. Presently there are 73 National Skill Standards developed for various occupations. Institutes seeking course accreditation has to forward applications to TVEC. These applications could be obtained form the TVEC office or downloaded from the web site,

Accreditation Procedure

  1. Receive of application for accreditation
  2. Desk evaluation
  3. Acknowledge application shortcomings
  4. Receive completed documents
  5. Physical evaluation
  6. Inform outcomes of evaluation
  7. Sent accreditation certificate (after board approval)(Approximate Duration – 12 weeks)

Training Provider Course Accreditation Policy of the TVEC

  1. The accreditation process shall be based on course accreditation criteria within the National Vocational Qualifications of Sri Lanka.
  2. A training institute that has obtained a regular registration from the TVEC with fully developed quality management system as per TVEC quality assurance policy and process shall be eligible to apply for accreditation of courses.
  3. An application for accreditation shall be entertained for the following course accreditation categories.
    • Courses that are designed to meet the competencies of national skills standards leading to National Certificates or Diplomas.
    • Courses that are designed to meet the competencies of national skills standards with additional learning not based on a skill standard leads to national Certificate and in addition a training provider’s own certificate.
    • Courses that are designed to meet the competencies of one or more units from a national skill standards in a single learning area or range of learning areas leads to a Record of Achievement.
    • Courses that are designed to meet the competencies of other non-national skills standards or through other curriculum approach, leads to a training provider’s own certificate.
    • Courses leading to the training provider’s own and / or internationally accredited certificate.
  4. Training institutes are expected to submit Course Accreditation applications for each site and for each course of delivery.
  5. The basis for course accreditation shall be based on the Criteria for Accreditation decided by the TVEC
  6. All applications for course accreditation shall be processed through the submission of a recommendation report to the Commission by the Director General for review and approval based on the following,
    • Suitability of the establishment including the facilities available, and the adequacy of the staff of the establishment.
    • Its ability to adequately provide technical and vocational education and training.
    • Ability to deliver the full content of the accredited course.
    • Its conformity with the National Vocational Qualifications of Sri Lanka.
  7. Following the approval of application by the Commission, the Director General shall award course accreditation to such establishment, under such name and style specified by the Commission.
  8. Periodically monitor and audit the progress of the registered institutions delivering accredited courses as per the process for monitoring and auditing of the TVEC quality Assurance policy.
  9. The TVEC Commission may impose conditions in accrediting courses.

Policy on Accreditation of Establishment to Conduct Competency Based Assessments

  1. Offer Assessment services to employers and their employees and, to trainees undertaking work experience and, who wish to have skills gained in the workplace assessed and recognized.
  2. Accredit establishments which comply with the following,
    • A Quality management System is established.
    • There is an agreement to participate in the consistency assessment process as specified by the TVEC.
    • There is a sound mechanism for the selection, training, monitoring and support for assessors.
    • There is an agreement to transfer result to the TVEC database.
    • A memorandum of corporation has been signed between the accredited establishment and the TVEC to confirm the above.
  3. Permit to use the services of licensed assessors, who have acquired expertise in there are in which they will be assessing.
  4. Assess competencies directly at the workplace to meet competencies of National Competency Standards based qualifications.
  5. Periodically monitor and audit the progress of the accredited establishments which performs workplace assessments in accordance with the process for monitoring and auditing of TVEC quality assurance policy.

Service responsibilities

Course Accreditation – Public Sector
Mr. S.U.K. Rubasinghe
Acting Director - Standard and Accreditation
Tel: +94(0)11 2555031

Course Accreditation – Private Sector
Mrs. Chandrani Premaratne
Deputy Director - Standard and Accreditation
Tel: +94(0)11 5766345

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Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission

'Nipunatha Piyasa'
3rd Floor,
Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.

Telephones:011 7608000
Fax Nos:011 2555007

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