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Prepare and update Vocational Education Training (VET) Plans

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Vocational Education Training (VET) Plans

Prepare and update Vocational Education Training (VET) Plans for growing industry sectors and specific geographic areas to coordinate training efforts by private & public sector training institutions in a way that meet skills requirements of the industry and economy.

  • One of the key responsibilities of the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission is to provide the training providers with strategic advice about the future needs of the training system.
  • In fulfilling this role, the Commission develops planning documents, which detail the strategies, priority areas and specific initiatives of training of persons needed for the industry. Based on that, the training programmes could be organized by the training providers.
  • Up to 2008, the under mentioned VET plans have been developed in the industry sectors specified below. Training activities proposed in those plans are being implemented utilizing financial grants scheme operated by the TVEC. Under that, financial assistance is given on priority basis to public sector training institutions to implement training programs suggested.
    1. Textile & Garments
    2. Gems & Jewellery
    3. Printing
    4. Construction
    5. Hotel & Tourism
    6. Automobile Repair & Maintenance
    7. Office Management
    8. Food & Beverages
    9. Rubber & Plastics
    10. Leather & Footwear
    11. Plantation
    12. Electrical & Electronics
    13. Metal & Light Engineering
    14. Health
    15. ICT
    16. Hairdressing & Beauty Culture
    17. Ceramics & Glassware

Procedure for development of VET Plan

  1. Identify the priority industry areas based on economic and social indicators (Labor Market Surveys, Central Bank Annual Report etc.)
  2. Calling proposals from lead agencies for development, revision, update of VET plan
  3. Conduct proposal evaluation and select suitable agency for preparation of VET plans
  4. Obtain the Commission approval
  5. Sign agreement and commence study
  6. Monitor the progress according to the action plan/ timeframe as per the agreement
  7. Make Payments according to the agreement
  8. Select and obtain approval for validation
  9. Validate the draft VET plan on committee
  10. Obtain Commission approval for the validated plan
  11. Distribution of the VET plan to lead training providers/industry bodies/ industry associations/ Central Bank/ relevant ministries

Service responsibilities

Mr. Ajith Polwatte
Deputy Director
Tel: 011-2555030

Mr. T.Senthuran
Programme Officer
Tel: 011-5862793

Organization Information

Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission

'Nipunatha Piyasa'
3rd Floor,
Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.

Telephones:011 7608000
Fax Nos:011 2555007

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