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Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction services provided by and Mitigation Research and Development Division

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Mitigation Research and Development Division is responsible for national level disaster mitigations, risk reduction based on structural non-structural activities.This division is also responsible for risk analysis and mapping.

Key Responsibilities

• Development of Project Proposals for minimizing the hazards and implementation through District and Divisional Secretariats
• Assist Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Process
• Coordinate the Development of GIS based Risk Profile for Identified hazards.
• Capacity Development for Risk Analysis

Other Responsibilities

• Setup data sharing strategy and standards
• Arrange with Agencies providing satellite data to Program satellites, to acquire data in an emergency situation and provide analyzed data for decision making
• Development of Disaster Mitigation Action Plans
• Assist to incorporate Disaster Risk Reduction into Land Use Planning Process
• Development of Guidelines for Planning and Construction in Disaster Prone Areas
• Manage DMC Website
• Coordinating with relevant organizations to reduce Vulnerability due to animal attacks, (Wild Elephant, crocodiles etc,)
• Assist in strengthening Risk transfer mechanism (Micro Insurance, Life and Property Insurance)

Organization Information

Disaster Management Centre

Vidya Mawatha,

Colombo 07.

Telephones:011-2136136 , 011-2136222, 0112 670 002, 117
Fax Nos:0112-670079,

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