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Preparedness Planning Division

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Key Responsibilities

• Preparation of National Disaster Management Plan and National Emergency Operation Plan
• Facilitating, formulation of guidelines, coordinating, directing and monitoring of preparation of disaster preparedness and response plans at provincial, district, local authority, divisional and Grama Niladhari levels
• Preparedness for timely and effective response, equitable relief distribution, speedy recovery, timely rehabilitation and reconstruction at national and sub national levels

Disaster preparedness and Response Plans have to be developed at all levels for responding to disasters if and when they occur. This is required by the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act, and the National Disaster Management Policy. Considering the multiplicity of players in disaster response, the organizational model is structured in such a manner that it emphasizes coordination rather than command and control. However, command and control will be applicable within the government hierarchy of each agency. Assignment of functions and responsibilities and effective inter-agency coordination will be the key feature. For coordination, and command & control, a coordination structure is needed. While M/DM&HR / DMC will be the overall coordinating authority, Provincial DM Coordinating Units (PDMCUs) / District DM Coordinating Units (DDMCUs) will be the focal point for coordinating at Provincial, District, Division, Local Authority and Grama Niladhari levels for coordinating response and recovery efforts and managing and disseminating critical information.
The plans at different levels will reflect the inputs of Incident Command System (ICS) that will be incorporated into emergency operations. The services of the trained teams / personnel will be obtained in emergency situations.

Organization Information

Disaster Management Centre

Vidya Mawatha,

Colombo 07.

Telephones:011-2136136 , 011-2136222, 0112 670 002, 117
Fax Nos:0112-670079,

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